Google Analytics – Visitors per Hour View

This is a simple tutorial on how to view visitors to your etsy site by hour. You can use this information to figure out when the best time for you to list new items.

  1. From the main page (your “Dashboard” view), on the left hand menu click on Visitors, and under Visitor Trending, select Visits.
  2. Note : Any of the options under Visitor Trending will have an hourly view option, so you can also view what time of day your Bounce Rate is low/highest, or what time of day your customers have the longest attention span by viewing Time on Site or Average Pageviews.

  3. On the right hand side above the graph, you will see gray text that reads “Graph By:” and icon options to click on. The default view will be by “Day,” or the second icon. Select the first icon to the left- which is the “Hour” view.

    and that’s all there is to it!

The time will read military style- so 03:00 = 3AM, and 15:00 = 3pm

To set Time Zone Option

  1. Log into Google Analytics and go to your home page– this is where all of your websites that are being tracked by GA are listed.
  2. Usually from here you will click View Report. Instead, under the “Actions” column, click on Edit (next to Delete)
  3. The first box you will see is titled Main Website Profile Information. The fourth row down reads Time zone. This is the time zone GA is set to when viewing hourly information. If this is correct, then do nothing. If you want to change the time zone, click on Edit in the header of the box (same row as the title Main Website Profile Information).
  4. The 5th row down, under Edit Profile Information will be a dropdown box of time zones you can pick from. Select the one you want and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

There you go! Now analyze and be merry ^_^

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