Kids DIY Stamped Giftwrapping Paper and How to Wrap a Box

This is the first edition of Make it Monday– a weekly feature of tutorials.
This is also a Kids Craft tutorial– something appropriate and fun to do with your little one.

DIY stamped giftwrapping paperInspiration

Mikah had a birthday party to go to and this ended up being a great way to spend the evening preparing (we are tv-free). For this tutorial we’ll go over making a stamp, giftwrapping, and how Mikah turned it all into a geometry lesson.


  • paper bag
  • scissors
  • foam sheet
  • stamp pad (or paint)
  • wood block (we used one from Mikah’s block set)
  • tape
  • glue stick
  • pen
  • twine (optional)

Part I. Prepare the Bag and Pick a Shape


  1. Prepare your paper bag by opening along seams and trimming away the ripped edges. Remove the handles if applicable.
  2. Pick a shape. I asked Mikah to pick a shape and he told me a “pexagon.” I haven’t taught him any vocabulary for polygons so I’m sure he was remembering a word he had overheard in conversation somewhere. I asked him to describe this shape and it turned out to be a PENTAGON. In figuring it all out, we went over Geometry 101 in polygons and names. Over dinner he had fun repeating the new words he learned and we went over some of the latin prefixes and suffix for 2d geometric shapes. It was an unexpected and great homeschool lesson.

Part II. Making the Stamp


  1. Draw your shape on foam paper. I made dots for Mikah to connect to create the pentagon.
  2. Cut strips of foam paper to layer your shape on. This will create more height between the depressed and raised stamping area. I cut out 4 layers to form a height around 1/4″ ish.
    Glue all pieces of foam together- its important to cover as much of the area with glue as possible so it doesn’t create an open flap when you cut your shape out.
  3. Cut shape out. Mikah cut it out first and I trimmed the edges.stamp2
  4. Optional: Since we used a block from Mikah’s block set, I took this step to prevent the block from getting inky. Trace and cut a piece of foam paper the equivalent size of your block. Glue to the block to act as the excess ink catcher.
  5. Glue your shape onto the woodblock.
  6. Ink your stamp and…
  7. Stamp away! We did ours all over the place, but feel free to create a pattern for a sophisticated modern effect.

stampdrawOptional: decorate your shapes with faces to make them little shape people. I really like how silver sharpie looked on the blue ink and brown paper bag.

p.s. Do you like Mikah’s necklace? He made it himself, the silly boy.

final stamped giftwrapped paperFinished!

Part III. Giftwrapping

My grandma taught me how to giftwrap when I was small. I know this isn’t true for everyone though, so I thought i’d throw in a mini lesson. This is a quick, rather good (not perfect) way to wrap up a rectangular gift.

how to wrap a box

  1. Make sure your paper is big enough. The length should be long enough to wrap around your box with a little overlap. The width on the top OR bottom should cover at least 1/2 the side of the box.
    Center your box. Wrap paper around the box. Tape in place. If this is challenging for you, start by taping one edge parallel to one side of the box, lining the paper perfectly around the box and then taping the tail in place. Everything should lay flat and be as tightly wrapped as possible. The taped side should be on the ‘bottom’ of the box.
  2. Fold the side edges down- it should be perfectly folded against the box- see how it starts to make pretty triangle shapes? Giftwrapping a rectangle is easy because you get lots of geometric shapes. Make the folds crisp and defined by using your thumbnails to form creases.
  3. Fold outer flaps inward. They should start forming more triangles. Make sure your edges are folded as crisp as possible- this gives the appearance of a professional job.
  4. Last, fold the lower flap upward. If your edges are tattered, fold the tattered edges under and then fold up for a smooth line. All your pieces here should be overlapping at least a little so that no box is showing through.
    …. repeat steps 2-4 of the other side and….
  5. Finish! The last elements are ribbon and a bow. I used hemp twine to match the natural paper bag. There are so many options for this last step- even some flowers taped on with washi tape would be a really nice way to top it all off.


Comment or tag me if you use the tutorial @kittybabylove – I’d love to see what you do!



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