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Draw-string bag Tutorial

What’s so good about a draw string bag? It’s perfect for holding all your little knick-knacks and great for little kids to store all of their little treasures. I used to love having a bag for all my toys when I was younger, like jack & balls, puzzle pieces, or just random collections of *stuff*. […]

Bowling Kitties

What have we been up to? Making Bowling Kitties! Ben does all the woodworking and I do the drawstring bags. A friend recently let us borrow more professional woodworking tools so hopefully we’ll be making a ton of them soon. My contribution to the set is making the bags. The next blog post will be […]

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Bowling for Cats

In addition to chalkboard kitty (which is now cut out in wood- Just needs to be sanded and painted and assembled…….) we’re doing a new item- a bowling set! I am very excited for it. We have big plans for these little ones… now if only we can make more time to finish them. The […]