10 Printable Maps of Fictional Cities

The fictional world, a place where the impossible becomes possible and unlikely realities happen. It is a place that looks exactly like ours and feels odd at the same time. The fictional world is filled with familiar cities, towns, and villages where humans and imaginary creatures meet. And the only ticket into this world is through dreams and imagination.

Although unreal, the fictional world is full of magnificent places to visit. So find your way around its streets and alleys with these printable maps of fictional cities we have collected for you!

A Closer Look at Mapping Fiction

Cities are an integral part of the fictional world. It’s from its maze of streets, alleys, and walls, that characters grow into their roles and events slowly unfold. And like the planets of the solar system, these cities also revolve around the characters and events as the tale progresses.

Mapping the fictional world is as important as the characters and events that fill its stories with life. Fantasy Maps, as they’re commonly known, provide a wider view of the world that the characters frequently move around. Moreover, these maps also show what and how the cities, towns, and villages where the narrative took place look like.

Like Harry Potter’s The Map of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, the cities and settlements in these maps are drawn like the maps of the middle ages—propelling the viewer’s imagination further. After all, maps do not always have to show real places.

Free Printable Maps of Fictional Cities

The Map of the City of Minas Tirith

source: eryn-carantaur.com

The Map of Hogwarts and Diagon Alley

source: wallpaperlist.com

The Map of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade

source: fineartamerica.com

Fictional maps are filled with fantasy villages, towns, cities, and other fictional places. Like the world maps we have in school, these maps show the world where those fantastic tales take place. City maps, for example, allow you to trace the streets and alleys where exciting events and moments happened. Whether you’re a big Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter fan, you can go on an adventure with your favorite characters by grabbing these free fictional city maps!

Medieval Fantasy Village Map

source: pinterest.com

Medieval Fantasy City Map

source: lowfantasygaming.com

Medieval Fantasy Town Map

source: pinterest.com

With enchanted forests surrounding the towns, cities, and villages, the medieval landscape is a staple theme on fiction or fantasy maps. And like the world maps of the era, these also feature mythical creatures that live in the surrounding dark woods. Medieval fantasy maps are also a staple in online RPGs and adventure video games. Discover the enchanting medieval landscape through these fictional city and town maps.

Map of the Elven City of Rivendell

source: etsy.com

Orcish Stronghold Map

source: pinimg.com

Map of a Typical Dwarven City

source: reddit.com

Mythical and magical beings are also primary features of the fictional landscape. Village, city, and town maps of these civilized magical beings exist along with many fantasy maps, as well. Aside from them, uncivilized ones such as unicorns, ents, and fauns also inhabit the woods surrounding these settlements. Take a closer look at these supernatural urban centers by having these fictional city maps close at hand.

Fantasy City Map of Kamantou

source: deviantart.com

Fictional or fantasy city maps are often placed in areas surrounded by nature. Like the hermit city of Kamantou, these urban settlements are either buried deep in the forest or submerged under the sea. As with many fictional settlements, a diverse race of beings inhabits them too. Go ahead and uncover these hidden and magical realms by downloading these fictional city maps.

How to Breathe Life to These Maps of Fictional Cities 

The world of fiction and fantasy captivates not just our souls but also our minds. It takes us on a wonderful and magical journey to the unknown and beyond. Epics, fairy tales, and stories awaken our emotions and fire up our imaginations. Indeed, humans need fantasy to be human, as Terry Pratchett’s iconic book character “Death” once said.

Fiction makes us feel alive every time we watch or read them. And with the guidance of these fictional city maps on our side, here are some tips on how you can make them more alive:

Use Them as a Handy Guide to Your Favorite Lores

All of us grew up hearing or reading about epic lores and sagas of our favorite heroes. Pretty sure, your kids have their favorites as well. With these handy fictional maps as your guide, go on and have an epic adventure with you or your kid’s favorite heroes.

Play Fantasy Trivia Together with Kids

With many places that fictional city maps have, there’s surely one epic event that happened in one or many of its corners. And not one event misses the eye of its fans. Surely, your favorite heroes may have one of their epic moments in one of the city’s mazes and labyrinths. Relive them with your kids by having these fictional city maps as reference.

Have an Epic Storytelling Experience with the Little Ones

Children love epic tales and stories. And with the help of these fictional city maps, you can give your kids an epic storytelling experience by pointing out the places where significant events happened. You can also do so by moving a figurine around these maps while retelling their heroes’ epic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Maps of Fictional Cities

Are these maps of high quality?

Yes. These maps are downloadable in PDF format, which preserves the quality of their color and images. This file format also produces quality output that allows for a quality experience when using them.

Can we print these maps right away?

Yes. These maps are readily printable at any time and anywhere you need them. Not only that, but you can also have these maps printed on different sizes and surface!

Do these maps have additional information to guide us?

Most of these maps have additional information or legends on them. These legends help you navigate through the important sections that these cities have.

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