About Us

Kitty Baby Love’s story started on a dull summer morning when we had nothing but sheets of paper.
Just when we thought that there’s only so much one can do with these sheets, we came up with the idea of fun and easy-to-do printables. And it’s limitless. With a blank canvas that you can fold, write on, print, and cut, dull days can be fun! Here at Kitty Baby Love, we want to add colors to your world.


We at Kitty Baby Love commit to providing enjoyable activities for people of all ages. Whether you need to do something relaxing after a long day or you just want to fight boredom, our library of printable games, DIY and editable crafts, how-to guides, and fun worksheets are readily available, free of charge. With our growing collection, we guarantee our users that we have the very library for every material that will best suit your mood.


We envision Kitty Baby Love to be a prime digital platform, which channels the creativity and inner child of every person. With boundless imagination and a bit of strategic thinking, individuals shall discover every paper’s meaning.