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Welcome to kittybabylove.com, your one-stop online collection of pencil and paper games, arts and crafts, puzzles, and a whole lot more printables for you and your kids. The Terms of Use contained herein shall govern the access and use of resources on this website.


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Site Description

Kittybabylove.com is a website established to provide users with various materials for arts, crafts, games, and guides. Such products and/or services provided herein are specifically tailored for the site visitor’s personal use, especially those who seek to make their free time more enjoyable and productive.

User Restriction

As a user, you understand that kittybabylove.com is an online platform, which anyone on the Internet can access. Moreover, you agree that all content published on this site will remain “as is,” and the rights to intellectual property and copyright belong to kittybabylove.com alone. Therefore, the website does not grant such rights to users, whether expressed or implied.

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Electronic Communications

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Content and Printable Files

The ownership of the published articles, sample files, printables, and any material made available on this website remains solely with kittybabylove.com. Users are restricted from publishing any of the website’s material in any medium or platform, digital or otherwise. The users further agree that unauthorized use and distribution of any of our website’s content, in part or in whole, is unlawful for it violates the company’s Intellectual Property Rights.


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