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Explore the world of creativity with our printable hand outline template, offering four delightful varieties. Courtesy of our printable handprint templates, you can easily print numerous paper hands for various engaging activities listed below.

Choose from four unique hand types and colors. Use this opportunity to discuss anatomy with your little ones, pointing out the different fingers. 

The diverse skin tones available also promote inclusivity in playtime. Let your kids see their skin tone reflected in their play materials, fostering a sense of diversity and inclusion. 

Encourage them to identify the skin tone that closely matches theirs from Crayola’s range, making the activity entertaining and educational. This simple yet fun exercise helps children recognize that others share similarities, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Dark-Skinned Hand Drawing Template

Check out our Dark-Skinned Handprint Cut-Out – no coloring needed! Perfect for those quick and easy decorations or last-minute projects requiring light skin tone. This cut-out also comes with pre-drawn palm lines, giving it a touch of realism. 

Get your kids involved by letting them add the lines they see on their own hands to the palm prints. It’s a cool activity that boosts their spatial awareness and adds a personal touch. For extra fun, they can even draw the palm lines of their friends or yours! Let the creativity flow!

Dark-Skinned Hand Drawing Template

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Free Printable Handprints – Blank Simple Outline

Our blank handprint template is a versatile cut-out tool for various creative ventures. Kids can cut it out and use it as a canvas for pictures or colors. Whether they want to draw a realistic hand, trace the lines of their own hands, or imagine fantastical creatures like ogres or fairies, this blank hand template encourages boundless creativity. It’s a fantastic way for kids to explore their artistic expressions and engage in imaginative play. 

Free Printable Handprints - Blank Simple Outline

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Blank Front and Back Hand Cut-Out Template

Get hands-on with our Blank Front and Back Hand Cut-Out! We’ve added all the cool details like lines and knuckles, making it perfect for some touch-and-feel exploration. Let your little artist unleash their creativity by drawing the lines of their hand on this cut-out. It’s a hands-down fun activity!

Blank Front and Back Hand Cut-Out Template

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Fun Hand Turkey Craft

Create an excellent hand turkey with two exciting styles—Gobble and Gobble Gobble!


– Scissors

– Markers

– Google eyes (optional)


1. Use the blank printable hand template.

2. Color each finger in different shades; get creative!

3. Make a pattern or draw pictures on the fingers for extra flair.

4. Draw a face on the thumb, adding eyes, a beak, and the little dangly red part (gizzard) underneath.

5. Remember the legs! Draw yellow or orange legs under the palm.

6. For extra fun, add Google eyes if you have them.

Enjoy your adorable hand turkey creation!

Handprint Banner Craft: Simple and Fun!

Make a classic hand banner with these easy steps:


– Scissors

– Hole Punch (or use scissors to cut an X)

– String

– Tape

– Paper


1. Print a bunch of handprints in various colors.

2. Cut out the handprints.

3. Optionally, add colors or lines to the handprints.

4. Punch holes in the pinky and thumb of each handprint, ensuring they’re not too close to the edges.

5. Thread the string through the holes.

6. Hang your banner on the wall and enjoy!

Hold Hands Craft

Get ready to have a blast with your friends with this fun craft. Here’s what you’ll need:


– Scissors

– Markers

– Stapler


1. Make sure everyone can print a copy of our printable hand outline in their preferred color.

2. Each person colors a hand to resemble their own with all the lines and prints unique to their hand. Alternatively, they can get creative and color it with their name, favorite animal, or color. Ensure everyone labels their hand, so you know who it belongs to!

3. Collect the hands and ask an adult to help you staple them together. Staple the pinky of the first hand to the pinky of the second. Then, staple the thumb of the second hand to the thumb of the third. Continue stapling back and forth until all the hands are connected like a slinky. When released, they should pile up into a neat stack.

4. When you pick up one hand, you’ll see that all the hands are connected, creating the feeling of holding hands with all your friends. Make it even more fun by having everyone create multiple hands. This way, everyone can have their own chain of friends’ hands!

This is a fantastic way to enjoy time with your friends and feel close to them, even when you can’t all be together!

Turkey Stand Craft

Get ready to create a turkey that stands tall with this fun and easy craft!


– Card paper (blank or colored, with at least one sheet of brown)

– Scissors

– Markers

– Glue

– Google eyes (Optional)


1. Print the printable hand outline onto card paper for the turkey’s feathers.

   – If you don’t have card paper, print it on regular paper and glue it to recycled cardboard for extra strength (like cereal boxes).

   – Choose colored or blank paper to color the feathers yourself!

2. Make the turkey’s body using brown card paper.

   – If you don’t have brown card paper, color regular card paper brown or glue colored paper to recycled cardboard.

   – Draw a bigger circle for the body and a slightly smaller one for the head.

3. Glue the turkey’s head to its body. Add eyes, a beak, and a gizzard using markers or cut-outs from card paper.

4. Create legs with feet attached, cut them out, and bend them halfway.

   – Glue the legs to the body so the feet rest on the table, helping the turkey stand.

5. Make your turkey presentable by adding feathers! Bend each hand at the bottom of the palm and glue them to the back of the turkey’s body. Ensure the turkey balances on its hands and feet.

Now, you have a fantastic turkey craft to share with friends. Make one or create a whole bunch of turkeys for added fun!

Messy Monster Handprint Painting

Get ready for some messy fun with your little monster! Here’s what you’ll need for this exciting activity:


– Non-toxic washable paint

– A space where you can get messy

– Clothes you don’t mind getting messy

– Scissors

– A paper plate


1. Print your favorite handprint outline and cut it out.

2. Choose your favorite paint color, or go wild and pick some colors for extra fun.

3. Carefully pour the paint onto the paper plate, mixing colors if you choose more than one.

4. Squish your palm into the paint, getting lots of paint on your hand. You can swirl the colors around to create a cool pattern on your skin.

5. Place your painted hand over the cut-out, aligning your fingers with the fingers on the printout. Press your hand down firmly to transfer the paint from your hand to the paper. This way, all the lines and prints from your hand will show on the paper!

6. When finished, clean your hands thoroughly and avoid making a mess. 

Enjoy your monster handprint masterpiece!

Takeaway: Crafty Hands-On Fun!

Dive into a world of creativity with our handy printable hand templates, offering a variety of engaging activities. From diverse skin tones promoting inclusivity to adorable hand turkeys and messy monster handprints, these crafts make learning and play enjoyable. 

Download, explore, and create lasting memories with these simple yet entertaining craft ideas. Hands down, it’s time for artistic adventures and meaningful connections with friends! Explore more crafts here.

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