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Are you on the hunt for an excellent, cost-free game that will light up the faces of your entire family? Well, your search ends here! Behold our fantastic free printable deck of cards – a game-changer that banishes boredom to the distant past. Whether raindrops tap on the window or the chilly weather keeps you indoors, these cards are your golden ticket to non-stop entertainment.

But that’s not all – these printable playing cards aren’t just about fun; they’re secret agents of learning for the little ones. As kids engage with numbers, they’re having a blast and supercharging their cognitive abilities. 

The strategic twists in many card games? They’re like workout sessions for the frontal lobe, making way for sharper critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster of thrilling games suitable for everyone, regardless of age or preferences. From Go Fish’s timeless charm to Poker’s heart-pounding excitement, our printable deck covers it all. 

So, call the troops, give those cards a good shuffle, and watch as laughter and camaraderie fill the room! Embrace these cards’ joy and mental gymnastics, transforming ordinary moments into treasured family memories. Let the games begin!

How to Print and Play with Our Awesome Deck of Cards

Ready for some card game magic? Follow these simple steps:

Printable Deck Of Cards

Download our cool playing card template PDF here. 

Printing the Cards:

Print them out, and grab your little ones for crafty fun. You can get artsy by gluing them to colorful cardstock or just keep it simple and play with paper cards.

Playing with Our Free Printable Deck:

Now, onto the fun part – playing! Here are some laid-back and family-friendly games to enjoy:

  1. SNAP!: Quick and lively! Flip cards, and if two match in a row, shout “SNAP!” to grab the pile.
  2. Concentration Flip: two cards at a time, match pairs, and score the most pairs to win.
  3. Blackjack: Casino style – aim for a hand close to 21 without going over.
  4. Hearts: Dodge penalty cards to have the lowest score and win.
  5. Euchre: Team up to win tricks and score points.
  6. Canasta: Form melds and score points in this rummy-style game.
  7. Old Maid: Avoid the “Old Maid” by ditching matching pairs.
  8. Spades: Bid on tricks with a partner – aim to win the agreed-upon number.
  9. Solitaire: A solo game organizing cards following set rules.
  10. Slapjack: Be quick – slap the pile when a Jack appears!
  11. Speed: Race to empty your hand by playing cards in order.
  12. Go Fish: Ask opponents for cards to complete sets. The one with the most sets wins.
  13. Crazy Eights: Ditch cards by matching rank or suit with the last played card.
  14. War: Classic showdown – compare top cards, and the highest rank wins.
  15. Rummy: Build sets and runs to be the first to empty your hand.
  16. Spit: Competitive play – race to deplete your deck before opponents.
  17. Golf: Swap cards to minimize your score in this trick-avoidance game.
  18. Indian Poker: Guess your card rank based on opponents’ cards.
  19. President:  Shed cards to become the President in the next round.
  20. 31 (Scat): Get as close to 31 as possible by swapping cards – the lowest total loses a life.

Fun Facts About Deck of Cards

  1. Standard Deck Composition

A standard deck of playing cards consists of 52 cards, divided into four suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. Each suit has 13 cards, including numbers 2 through 10 and the face cards (jack, queen, king, and ace).

  1. Origins of the Joker

The Joker, a whimsical and often wild card, was introduced to card decks in the United States in the 19th century for the game of Euchre. It later found its place as a wildcard in various card games, and today, many decks include two Jokers.

  1. Card Shuffling Possibilities

The number of ways to arrange a standard deck of 52 cards is so vast that if you were to shuffle a deck thoroughly, it is likely that the resulting order has never existed before in the history of the universe.

  1. World’s Largest Playing Card

Arnav Daga of India set the record for Kolkata’s largest playing card structure on January 23, 2023. Measuring 12.21 m (40 ft) in length, 3.47 m (11 ft 4 in) in height, and 5.08 m (16 ft 8 in) in width, his creation reflects years of dedication to card-stacking, sparked by a childhood love for the art that flourished during the Covid-19 lockdown.

  1. The Euchre Deck

   In Euchre, a popular trick-taking game, a subset of a standard deck is used. The Euchre deck comprises only 24 cards, featuring each suit’s 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A cards. This smaller deck adds a strategic twist to the game.

These fun facts showcase the diversity, history, and intriguing aspects associated with decks of playing cards.


In conclusion, our FREE Printable Deck of Cards PDF is a gateway to endless family fun. Whether you’re organizing game nights, teaching math concepts, or simply looking for an entertaining and versatile resource, this printable card deck adds joy to diverse activities. 

Download, print, and let the laughter and learning begin – creating memorable moments for the whole family!

For more games, you can get it here for FREE!

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