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Dive into the delightful world of penguins with our charming outline templates – perfect for festive Christmas crafts or educational adventures. These flightless wonders, known for their unique bathroom habits, offer an engaging way to explore avian distinctions, habitats, and global wildlife.

Our downloadable and printable penguin outlines provide endless possibilities for both crafting and learning. The best part? You can download and print as many as you desire! 

Included Penguin Outlines

Our designers have crafted irresistibly cute penguin outlines featuring these Antarctic buddies:

1. A penguin sitting down

2. A penguin standing up

3. A penguin walking away, revealing its adorable backside.

Printable Penguin Outline Templates

Download Penguin Outlines here

Versatile Uses

Explore a world of creativity and education with these lovable penguin outlines:

  • Simple Coloring Pages: Ideal for decorating walls.
  • Stencils and Templates: Create charming penguin prints on various surfaces, or use them for crafting wooden penguins.
  • Art and Craft Projects: Cut them out for diverse crafting endeavors.

Engaging Penguin Outline Template Activities for Kids

  1. Simple Coloring Session

Materials Needed: Penguin outline template, coloring materials (crayons, colored pencils, or markers).


  • Print the penguin outline template.
  • Let the kids express their creativity by coloring the penguins using the chosen coloring materials.
  1. Waddling Penguin Craft

Materials Needed: Penguin outline template, white paper or cardstock, googly eyes, pipe cleaner, paper bowl, cotton wool, glue.


  • Print and cut out the penguin template.
  • Color the penguin and add googly eyes if desired.
  • Craft a spring from a pipe cleaner and attach it to the back of the penguin.
  • Use an upside-down paper bowl as the base, poke holes, and insert the pipe cleaner spring so the penguin stands up.
  • Glue cotton wool beneath the paper bowl to simulate snow.
  1. Penguin Collage Art

Materials Needed: Penguin outline template, colored tissue paper, glue.


  • Print the penguin outline template.
  • Tear small pieces of colored tissue paper.
  • Apply glue to the penguin outline and place the tissue paper pieces on it, creating a vibrant collage.
  1. Penguin Stencils for Decor

Materials Needed: Penguin outline template, sturdy paper, tape.


  • Print and cut out the penguin template.
  • Use tape to attach the penguin stencil to walls, tables, or any desired surface.
  • Kids can use it as a guide to draw or paint penguins in various places.
  1. Sparkly Penguin Christmas Card

Materials Needed: Penguin outline template, sheet of paper or cardstock, coloring materials, liquid glue, glitter.


  • Print, color, and cut out the penguin outline.
  • Fold a sheet of paper in half to create a card.
  • Color the background in different shades of blue for the sea and sky.
  • Attach the penguin to the background.
  • Apply liquid glue and sprinkle glitter for a festive touch.
  • Open the card and write a Christmas message inside.

These activities are entertaining and provide opportunities for creative expression and learning about penguins. Enjoy the crafting fun with these simple and delightful procedures!

Fun Trivia About Penguin

  1. Habitat Diversity: Penguins are found in various habitats, from the icy Antarctic regions to the Galápagos Islands near the equator. However, the Galápagos penguins, residing north of the equator, are the exception.
  1. Specialized Feathers: Penguins have unique feathers that serve multiple functions. Their feathers are waterproof, allowing them to swim efficiently, and their colors help them blend into their surroundings, providing camouflage.
  1. Impressive Swimmers: Penguins are exceptional swimmers, reaching speeds of up to 15 kilometers per hour. Their streamlined bodies and flippers, adapted for underwater navigation, contribute to their prowess in the ocean.
  1. Diverse Diet: Penguins have a varied diet that includes fish, crabs, shrimp, and squid. Their diet is suited to their oceanic lifestyle, and they are skilled hunters, using their beaks to catch prey while swimming.
  1. Flipper Adaptation: Penguins have flippers instead of wings, a unique adaptation to their aquatic lifestyle. These flippers aid them in swimming and maneuvering underwater, making them well-adapted to life in the ocean.


In conclusion, our Printable Penguin Outline Templates offer a delightful and educational crafting experience with these charming Antarctic inhabitants. Whether you’re exploring the world of crafting, celebrating the holiday season with sparkly Christmas cards, or engaging in waddling penguin crafts, these templates bring joy and creativity. 

As you embark on these fun activities, take a moment to share fascinating penguin facts, turning crafting time into an opportunity for learning and laughter. Let these adorable penguin outlines inspire imagination and curiosity, making crafting sessions memorable and enriching for kids of all ages.

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