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For the little ones who adore cupcakes, these delightful outlines are designed for coloring, crafting, or decorating. Download the black and white PDF, print it out, and easily cut it to create stencils, templates, or art projects.

Included Designs

Embark on a creative journey with three adorable cupcake designs. Each features a black and white outline perfect for coloring or versatile use as a stencil or template. The designs showcase cupcakes with enticing icing swirls, cherries atop the frosting, and sprinkles adorning the surface.

Versatile Uses

These cupcake outlines offer versatility in various activities. Use them as simple coloring pages, incorporate them into art projects, employ them as templates, or engage kids in cut-and-paste activities, fostering creativity.

Printable Cupcake Outline Templates

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Design Your Own Cupcake

Encourage creativity by printing and cutting the chosen template. Children can enjoy coloring the cupcake outline or take it a step further, creating 3D collages with an array of materials. For added durability, opt for sturdy card stock.

Cake Shop Role Play

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Bring learning to life with cake shop role play. Following the provided instructions, create a selection of cupcakes and delve into a simulated shop environment. This teaches mathematical concepts and introduces kids to basic entrepreneurship skills. They can buy and sell cupcakes using play money, honing their ability to calculate change and manage budgets.

Celebrate National Cupcake Day

Image Credit: nationalday365.com

Make celebrations more meaningful by marking National Cupcake Day. The date varies globally, with the USA observing it annually on December 15th. In other countries, this day becomes an opportunity for fundraising supporting causes such as SPCAs, humane societies, or dementia care. 

Encourage children to participate by coloring or designing their own cupcakes to commemorate the occasion.

Fun Trivia About Cupcake

  1. Beyond the joy of crafting, turn the session into a fascinating history lesson. Share intriguing facts about cupcakes—dating back to Amelia Simmons‘ ‘American Cookery’ in 1796, where small cakes were first baked in cups. 

The term “cupcake” was later introduced in the 19th century by Eliza Leslie in her cookbook ‘Receipts.’ Explore the creative and educational possibilities with these delightful cupcake outlines, sparking both imagination and learning!

  1. Cupcake Capital:** Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, D.C., gained fame through the reality TV show “DC Cupcakes.” Known for its delectable treats, this bakery contributes to the cupcake craze with its mouthwatering creations.
  1. The largest cupcake ever baked weighed over a ton! Created in July 2009 at the Cupcake Festival in Pennsylvania, this colossal cupcake measured over 1.2 meters in height.
  1. In a unique experiment, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) baked the first cupcakes in space in December 2019. The experiment aimed to understand how microgravity affects the baking process.
  1. Sprinkles, a popular cupcake bakery, introduced the world to the concept of cupcake ATMs. These automated machines dispense freshly baked cupcakes 24/7, adding a touch of sweetness to any time of day.


These 3 Printable Cupcake Outline Templates offer a delightful blend of creativity and fun for kids. From coloring to crafting, these enticing designs provide endless possibilities. Whether used as stencils, templates, or for cut-and-paste activities, these outlines turn ordinary moments into sweet, imaginative adventures. Embrace the joy of crafting with these adorable cupcake templates!

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