San Diego


Mikah Rests

At least I got one of them to take a nap.... #mommyneedsabreak

Grampa has HUUUGE avocados from his 30+ yo tree. Everyone who has come by has asked for one. Someone even left a request in the mailbox!

Room Overview

Stop Ahead

It has been a whirlwind here with dust now just starting to settle. Earlier this month a flash trip to San Diego, starting as a drive, ended in a decision to jump on a plane within an hour of notice. That choice came after hearing that Grampa was being admitted into the ER.

Grampa is doing well now, though his path to recovery is just beginning. Being very independent, its been painful for him to be confronted with his age and disability. He seems to be permanently unable to walk anymore with deterioration in his memory. For a year we have been keeping a space available for him in Portland, and it seems that he is now ready to join us.

The past week has mainly been waiting on test results, trying to settle in, and going through grampas house to prepare his move. Grampa lives in the same house Ben grew up in since he was about 5yo. Grampa has not made any updates to the house during that time, and has thrown away very little. Being inside the house is like a time capsule into the past.

It has been an incredibly stressful time, though I have been doing my best to play a supportive role. The overwhelm has been slowly creeping up on me, and a day ago I had a strange dream (a bit of a nightmare), warning me to “stay on the path.” Over and over again, I was told to “stay on the path.” Im still interpreting it though I feel like it’s a message to remember to keep my heart open to what the universe is offering in this chaotic transition. I am still on my quest and this confusing time is just part of that journey.

I had expected to go out and find something on this road trip, though the something found us instead. Oh, life!



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The Adventure Begins

Vanlife 1985 VW Westfalia by Kitty Baby Love
This is the first edition of Vanlife, a section about living as a family in a 1986 VW Westfalia vanagon.


 Family #Vanlife Tip: Rolled up sleeping bag keeps a sleepy head from flopping over ☺️







We left Portland mid afternoon on the 1st and spent the morning preparing the van as well as our house for a subletter. Once everything was set, I felt incredibly anxious about actually leaving. Were we forgetting anything? I kept poking around and going over checklists in my mind. We decide to have a nice lunch, nap, and hot bath before we left. With my hair still wet, we all hopped into the car and finally said goodbye.

My favorite moment so far was pulling over to a side outlet to have lunch in the van. It was in the countryside with hardly any cars around. Mikah played outside with a little shovel while Ben and I had a quiet lunch together. It was nice having time for just the two of us (with Noah crawling and cooing around our toes).

However things quickly turned from a leisure stroll into a race to San Diego. The night before we left we got a phone call that Ben’s dad was acting out of character- not opening his house curtains, which worried a friend. He sounded fine (actually a little annoyed) on the phone, so we weren’t too worried. However as the days went on, it became apparent that Ben’s dad needed immediate care. So we’ve been driving a lot more, trying to make our way to San Diego to help him out.

My regular weekly updates are going to be postponed until we arrive and get things settled in San Diego. In the meanwhile I’ll have more photo updates here and on my instagram.

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Weekly Roundup #6

crimpThe Weekly Roundup is an ongoing feature of all the things that made me smile this past week.

The family and I are on our way out of Portland! I’ll update again soon with some pictures. The one above is Mikah testing a crimper for some westy mods (while we get some caffeine). Til I get to our travel updates, here are a few links for your weekend :]

Nothing makes me more happy than access to free education.

The epic history of Andy’s mom from Toy Story.

Michio Kaku is promoting the heck out of his new book and I like it…. excerpt:

“Consciousness-one level is understanding where we are in space. Consciousness two is where we understand our position in society: who’s top dog, who’s underdog, and who’s in the middle. And type-three consciousness is simulating the future … only humans have this ability to see far into the future.” ~Michio Kaku

And this made me giggle.

Do you have any links that made your day this week? Do share it in the comments :]

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Sensory Play – Shaving Cream Car Wash

Sensory Play with Shaving Cream

Sensory Play with Shaving Cream

Sensory Play with Shaving Cream

I thought i’d do a quick update with some photos from a sensory play session with Mikah. Mikah typically dislikes mushy things (especially food) and getting messy. The shaving cream activity is something he did while in occupational therapy for his sensory processing disorder. It was really fun for him. Mikah likes having coversations with people and I overheard him talking to a lady at the convenience store about playing with shaving cream at his therapy… and how much he missed it. It kind of broke my heart so I bought the shaving cream and set this up for him at home.

I laid a trash bag in a large cardboard box (we have a ton lying around from ordering car parts online!) and added some toys (kitty mobile + people) and paint to color the cream. He had a lot of fun and it kept him occupied for a good 20 minutes. Clean up was so easy- just flipped the trashbag inside out. It just goes to show that the best toys are ones you don’t have to spend a lot of money on.

Happy Thursday!

p.s. Wednesday Wanderings will be on hiatus this week while we get everything in gear for the road trip. We’re brewing a storm here at home cleaning, packing, and squaring away details. I’ll be back soon with updates on ‘Vanlife’ (soon to be blog section!) and pictures from the prep.

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Make It Monday: Drawing to Pendant Tutorial

Drawing to Pendant Tutorial by Kitty Baby Love This is a weekly edition of Make It Monday – hope you enjoy!

00Materials Drawing to Pendant Tutorial


blank pendant (amazon affiliate link… the one I have is an “antique” 1″ round pendant)

half dome glass covering to encase your pendant (optional)

ball chain for your necklace

super glue

1″ hole puncher

sticker paper

round bowl

drawing supplies



01 Drawing to Pendant Tutorial

Drawing in a 1″ circle is optional but to make this accessible, we drew it large and then shrunk it down in the computer. Use an upside down bowl to trace a circle. This will be your drawing template.


02 Drawing to Pendant Tutorial

02a Drawing to Pendant Tutorial

Draw away! Mikah, Ben, and I all did one. Mikah likes writing and drawing in pen- he rarely ever uses colors. He did a happy face and wrote “MIKAH!” “OPEN” “1234″ “MIKAH.”

Ben and I did family portraits. His is in markers and pens. I did mine in watercolor pencils and drew us as our Chinese astrology animals. Ben is a dragon (1976), I am a tiger (1986), Mikah is an ox (2009), and Noah is a snake (2013).

Keep reading….

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