Turning 28

happy birthday







I turned 28 years old this past week. I still remember being a kid and deciding how my future would look like at this age- to see the way it has turned out is so satisfying and unexpected. It’s hard for me to process emotions while I am going through it- as an introvert I need space and time to reflect. Now that I have both, I can see clearer that i’ve moved through some pretty major life changes these past few months.


Feeling Gratitude

Grampa seems to have completely settled in. His moments of anger and confusion have dwindled to an acceptance and playfulness i’ve never seen in him before. He seems completely happy to be surrounded by family now, and we are all grateful for it. He also celebrated his birthday this past week- his 82nd. Noah celebrated his 1st (oh my gosh!). I also saw my mom for the first time in a year…. its been a week filled with lots of things to be grateful for.


Feeling Time Passing

Last year I was pregnant, waiting to see my son for the first time, getting married, and planning into a future filled with what seemed like endless opportunities. This year it felt quite the opposite- like being corralled into unknown territory. It was a shrinking feeling at first, but has somehow shifted into empowerment. I now have clear limitations and foresight into what we are capable of doing as a family and my own limitations as an individual. I feel like my dream of “staying on the path” was an acceptance of these limitations. While I could explore endless opportunities available to me, I need to remember my personal goals and not get distracted with the ability to “do it all”.


Feeling Resolve

It took me a year to resolve closing down the production of our crayons and also to pick a specific major to go back to school. It has always felt “right” moving in this direction, but I was afraid of it at the same time, and tried to put it off with a grand adventure of traveling in a vintage bus. I still think being able to do that would be an amazing opportunity- but now is not the right time for it. Right now, we are finally moving beyond an adjustment period and into the beginnings of our new life together. Sometimes making progress means putting up barriers and saying no. …. And so here I am, going back to school to pursue my secret love affair. I am so excited!


An Open Letter

Dear Universe,

THANK YOU, for the b*tch slap and getting me back to ME again. I won’t dilly dally again.

xo, Sara



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Make It Monday: DIY Kids Birthday Medal

diy kids birthday medal

This is a weekly edition of Make It Monday – hope you enjoy!

Baby shoes will be coming next week (I misplaced my elastic!). In the meanwhile, Mikah celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday! He REALLY wanted to have gold medals. I opted to make some instead of getting dollar store ones. I think they have a little more character this way ;)

They were really easy to make and can be easily customized for whatever theme you are having. I made several to included in Mikah’s goody bags.



  • Twine
  • Heavy cardstock paper for the medal
  • 1.5″ hole punch (or whatever shape you want!)
  • Glue dots
  • Beads
  • Misc. decor (I used stars from the scrapbook section in the craft store)



1. String 4 beads on your necklace twine and tie it. I used my head to determine how long the string should be.

2. Punch out your “medal” from cardstock paper. I used a 1.5″ hole punch on heavy glitter paper. Decorate it however you like using glue dots to stick on your items. I’m simply using stars.

3. Attach a glue dot on the top and bottom behind your medal.

4. Position the string in the middle of the glue dots- this way the medal will be able to slide up and down the necklace. Also, keep two beads on either side of the medal.

5. Affix the backside of the medallion on and admire your work- you are done!

diy kids birthday medal

There are so many ways to modify this depending on the type of string you use, how fancy you get decorating your medal, and the beads you use. Most of the supplies I already had on hand.

And here is the birthday boy wearing his medal….


Happy birthday my sweet child!



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Redefining Normal

family photo


Hello again!

We are all back in Portland as a new bigger family. It was incredibly stressful initially working out an estate sale, travel plans, medical accounts, financial accounts, etc. But things are finally starting to fall into place. Everyone seems much happier with the new arrangement and our last step will be moving into a bigger home. While we expected grampa to eventually live with us, we created 2 separate homes to give him an autonomous space. However it is clear that he needs much more help than we anticipated and living in a single home will make it easier on all of us.

I was anxious about what life would look like with this new change, though I feel incredibly grateful at how things are working out. In the middle of the chaos, I was able to mourn the loss of the family roadtrip we never got to finish, the van we no longer use, the projects we will have to push to the back burner… But life continues on, and there are many more things to look forward to as spring and summer roll around.

In a few days Mikah will be turning 5yo. Then it will be Ben and my 1year wedding anniversary, our birthdays, Noah will be turning 1yo in July, and grampa will also celebrate his birthday.

I am also looking forward to starting school again and my blog posts. Make it Mondays will continue as usual and i’ll probably do a family photo update once a week as well. The next post will be for some baby shoes to celebrate Noah officially walking.

To new beginnings…. again!

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San Diego


Mikah Rests

At least I got one of them to take a nap.... #mommyneedsabreak

Grampa has HUUUGE avocados from his 30+ yo tree. Everyone who has come by has asked for one. Someone even left a request in the mailbox!

Room Overview

Stop Ahead

It has been a whirlwind here with dust now just starting to settle. Earlier this month a flash trip to San Diego, starting as a drive, ended in a decision to jump on a plane within an hour of notice. That choice came after hearing that Grampa was being admitted into the ER.

Grampa is doing well now, though his path to recovery is just beginning. Being very independent, its been painful for him to be confronted with his age and disability. He seems to be permanently unable to walk anymore with deterioration in his memory. For a year we have been keeping a space available for him in Portland, and it seems that he is now ready to join us.

The past week has mainly been waiting on test results, trying to settle in, and going through grampas house to prepare his move. Grampa lives in the same house Ben grew up in since he was about 5yo. Grampa has not made any updates to the house during that time, and has thrown away very little. Being inside the house is like a time capsule into the past.

It has been an incredibly stressful time, though I have been doing my best to play a supportive role. The overwhelm has been slowly creeping up on me, and a day ago I had a strange dream (a bit of a nightmare), warning me to “stay on the path.” Over and over again, I was told to “stay on the path.” Im still interpreting it though I feel like it’s a message to remember to keep my heart open to what the universe is offering in this chaotic transition. I am still on my quest and this confusing time is just part of that journey.

I had expected to go out and find something on this road trip, though the something found us instead. Oh, life!



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The Adventure Begins

Vanlife 1985 VW Westfalia by Kitty Baby Love
This is the first edition of Vanlife, a section about living as a family in a 1986 VW Westfalia vanagon.


 Family #Vanlife Tip: Rolled up sleeping bag keeps a sleepy head from flopping over ☺️







We left Portland mid afternoon on the 1st and spent the morning preparing the van as well as our house for a subletter. Once everything was set, I felt incredibly anxious about actually leaving. Were we forgetting anything? I kept poking around and going over checklists in my mind. We decide to have a nice lunch, nap, and hot bath before we left. With my hair still wet, we all hopped into the car and finally said goodbye.

My favorite moment so far was pulling over to a side outlet to have lunch in the van. It was in the countryside with hardly any cars around. Mikah played outside with a little shovel while Ben and I had a quiet lunch together. It was nice having time for just the two of us (with Noah crawling and cooing around our toes).

However things quickly turned from a leisure stroll into a race to San Diego. The night before we left we got a phone call that Ben’s dad was acting out of character- not opening his house curtains, which worried a friend. He sounded fine (actually a little annoyed) on the phone, so we weren’t too worried. However as the days went on, it became apparent that Ben’s dad needed immediate care. So we’ve been driving a lot more, trying to make our way to San Diego to help him out.

My regular weekly updates are going to be postponed until we arrive and get things settled in San Diego. In the meanwhile I’ll have more photo updates here and on my instagram.

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