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If the fuzzy green yellow-eyed Grinch is your holiday favorite, you can easily decorate your Christmas ornaments based on the grumpy character. While most of the DIY ornaments listed below focus on the Grinch’s face, others are based on his heart. But, needless too say,  all of them have one thing in common. The color green.

Make Your Own Grinch Ornaments

Instead of using Cricut or any die-cutting machine for this craft, you can use craft paint or craft markers. 2 types of Grinch ornaments are made in this project – one filled with candies and another with shredded paper.

Grinch Ornaments

Grinch Ornaments

Cool Grinch Ornament

In a nutshell, you need to fill paint in an ornament, glue on the details, and draw Grinch’s face with a Sharpie in this project.

cool Grinch Ornament

Grinch Ornament

Instructions for Making a Grinch Christmas Ornament

You can make this amazing Grinch ornament with your family and give it away as a gift or decorate your Christmas tree. The use of polycrylic gives the ornament a lovely shine.

Grinch Christmas Ornaments

DIY Glittery Grinch Ornament

This glitter Christmas ornament is super simple to make. It could be an amazing gift as you can personalize this in your own way.

DIY Grinch Ornaments

Grinch Heart Ornament DIY

Grinch Ornaments DIY

Furry ‘The Grinch’ Ornament

The Grinch Ornament

Easy Grinch Christmas Ornament

Easy Christmas Grinch Ornament

Grinch Christmas Ornament Set

Grinch Ornament Set

Grinch Ornament for Your Tree

Grinch Tree Ornaments

‘The Grinch’ Ornament Tutorial

The Grinch Ornaments Christmas

Now that you have plenty of DIY options pick one homemade ornament you like the most and start on your craft. Involve kids to multiply the fun factor. It offers a way of keeping them busy during the holidays as they revel in the celebrations!

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