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Pine cones are one of our favorite fall accessories. You can use the versatile items for a plethora of winter crafts as they look great as home and festive décor. These creative, handcrafted pinecone decorations are sure to inspire awe in your guests. The best thing about pine cones is that they are readily available and don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Homemade Pine Cone Craft

Kids would take immense pleasure in doing this craft as it deals with fairies, their favorite fantasy. While older kids can do it independently, the younger ones need some adult assistance.

Pine Cone Crafts

Pinecone Owl Craft

A template is provided in the above-linked post to cut the parts of the owl. Buttons and felt were used for the eyes, but you can easily replace them with googly eyes and card stock paper.

Pinecone Crafts

Ornament Craft with Pine Cones

This colorful craft can easily be done with kids. Made with pom poms and pinecones, these ornaments look fabulous on your Christmas tree.

Crafts with Pine Cones

Pinecone Turkey Craft Tutorial

Grab a few pinecones from the backyard and make a turkey out of them in a few simple steps. This a great Thanksgiving craft to do with kids.

Pinecone Turkey Craft

Rainbow Fairy Craft From Pine Cones

These pine cone fairies would be a cute addition to a fairy garden. They help you celebrate spring and your love for color.

Crafts from Pine Cones

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Don’t these pine cone Christmas decorations look adorable? You can make these trees snowy or colorful. It is entirely up to you to decide.

Pine Cone Christmas Crafts

Pine Cone Animal Craft Ideas

Do you want to recreate old MacDonald’s farm for your little one? Well, you can do it easily with pine cones!

Pine Cone Craft Ideas

Pine Cone Love Bug Craft for Kids

Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

DIY Pine Cone Hedgehog Craft

DIY Pine Cone Crafts

Fall Pine Cone Craft

Fall Pine Cone Crafts

Pine Cone Owl Ornament Craft

Owl Pine Cone Craft

Large Pine Cone Christmas Craft

Large Pine Cone Crafts

Pine Cone Fall Wreath Craft for Adults

Pine Cone Craft for Adults

Turkey Craft with Pine Cones

Pine Cone Turkey Craft

Fun Halloween Pine Cone Craft

Halloween Pine Cone Crafts

We have listed projects for both kids and adults. While the little ones would be more interested in making the pine cone animals and Christmas trees, the adults can try making the pinecone wreaths. Having said that, both kids and adults can do any of the above DIYs.

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