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Cleaning a house can be a daunting task, especially if it has not been cleaned for some time. As with all things that seem to be an uphill battle, having a checklist almost always helps. You can tick each task off as and when you get them done, thus making life that much simpler!

House Cleaning Checklist Templates

Here you have a wide selection of the most helpful checklists you can get to clean your house in an organized manner. There are cleaning checklists based on seasons, like fall, spring, and summer, for houses you move into, or move out of, and even one for a newly constructed house! Go ahead and pick the ones you need, print them out, and get cleaning.

House Cleaning Checklist

Source: GolbiPrint.me

Deep Cleaning House Checklist

Source: Pinterest.com

House Cleaning Checklist Template

Source: TheIndependentBalancedWoman.com

Professional House Cleaning Checklist Printable

Source: Template.net

How to Clean a House Professionally Checklist

Source: Vertex42.com

Clean House Checklist

Source: MadamClean.ca

Clean a Messy House Checklist

Source: Smead.com

House Cleaning Checklist for Maid

Source: Checklists.COIT.com

Daily House Cleaning Checklist

Source: Pinterest.com

Checklist to Clean Your House

Source: HeavenlyTouchMaids.com

Whole House Deep Cleaning Checklist

Source: Vertex42.com

Deep Clean House Checklist

Source: ListTemplate.net

Cleaning House for Guests Checklist


Detail House Cleaning Checklist


Monthly House Cleaning Checklist

Source: WordMSTemplates.com

How To Clean House like a Professional Checklist

Source: LifeGetsOrganized.com

House Cleaning Kit Checklist

Source: TriciaGoyer.com

Free Professional House Cleaning Checklist Template

Source: LaurelSimpson.com

House Cleaning Checklist for Maid in Spanish

Source: YourDictionary.com

Vacant House Cleaning Checklist

Source: CastAwayTheClutterBlog.com

Cleaning House to Sell Checklist

Source: CurlCleaning.com

Cleaning House Tips Checklist

Source: LaurelSimpson.com

Simple House Cleaning Checklist

Source: StrawberryMommyCakes.com

Weekly Checklist for House Cleaning

Source: DavidHamed.com

Source: PamGolding.co.za

House Cleaning and Organizing Checklist

Source: DavidHowald.com

Thorough House Cleaning Checklist

Source: ToDoListTemplate.com

House Spring Cleaning Checklist

Source: TheHappierHomemaker.com

Fall House Cleaning Checklist

Source: CleanMama.net

Moving House Cleaning Checklist

Source: AskAnnaMoseley.com

Residential House Cleaning Checklist


Free House Cleaning Checklist


Complete House Cleaning Checklist

Source: HappyMoneySaver.com

New House Cleaning Checklist

Source: DawnsCustomDesigns.com

Full House Cleaning Checklist

Source: Quality-Dogs.com

Best House Cleaning Checklist

Source: WhileHeWasNapping.com

Holiday House Cleaning Checklist

Source: FormTema.com

Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist

Source: GoodwillVirginia.org

New Construction House Cleaning Checklist

Source: MaidInNola.com

Summer House Cleaning Checklist

Source: CleanMama.net

We hope these checklists did their bit in whatever small way to help you clean your house! It certainly gave us enough reason to go on and clean ours, which we’d do now…write in the comments section about how smoothly your houses got cleaned!

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