87 Free and Printable Bookmarks

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Bookmarks allow you to mark the page you left off reading and inspire you to read on. While there are many ways to create your own bookmark, you might just want to print off a few and start on your reading journey. Our printable collection of bookmarks boasts of uniqueness and variety. They could make adorable gifts for your loved ones too.

Printable Bookmarks to Make Reading Fun

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Easter or any other occasion, the printable bookmarks enlisted here have got you covered. We also have cute and cool ones for the kids and the grown-ups. Are you a sports fanatic? Do you love animes, superheroes like Batman or Disney princesses? We have tried to feature most of the popular fictional and animated characters you love.  We have separate bookmarks for the girls and boys lest the little hunks find some of the printables girly! Catholics would find the Christian and Bible bookmarks interesting.

Printable Bookmarks

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Free Printable Bookmarks

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Free Printable Bookmarks Templates

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Harry Potter Bookmarks Printable

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Printable Bookmark Template

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Printable Bookmark

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Cute Printable Bookmarks

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Printable Bookmarks with Quotes

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Dr Seuss Printable Bookmarks

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Bookmark Printable

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Free Printable Bible Verses Bookmarks

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Printable Bookmarks for Children Kids

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Free Printable Sports Bookmarks

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Reading Log Bookmark Printable

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Free Printable Christmas Bookmarks

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St Patrick's Day Bookmarks Printable

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Free Printable Blank Templates Bookmarks

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Cool Bookmarks Printable

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Free Printable Baby Bookmarks


Free Printable Spring Bookmarks


Religious Bookmarks Free Printable

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Summer Bookmarks Printables

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Printable Bookmarks for Girls

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Dinosaur Bookmark Printable

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Disney Princess Bookmarks Printable

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Free Printable Owl Bookmarks

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Pumpkin Prayer Bookmark Printable

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Reading Bookmarks Printable

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Dragon Bookmarks Free Printable

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Oh the Places You’ll Go Bookmark Printable

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Snowman Winter Bookmarks Free Printable

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Anime Bookmarks Printable For Free

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Free Printable Back to School Bookmarks


100th Day of School Bookmarks Printable


Books of the Bible Bookmark Printable


Fruit of the Spirit Bookmarks Printable


Printable Reading Strategies Bookmark

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Free Printable Bookmarks for Libraries

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks

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Printable Watercolor Bookmarks

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Free Printable Religious Easter Bookmarks

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Free Printable Christian Bookmarks Templates

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Christian Valentine Bookmarks Free Printable

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Animal Bookmarks Printable

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Breast Cancer Bookmarks Printable

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Batman Bookmark Printable

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Free Printable Bookmark Designs

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Alice in Wonderland Bookmarks Printable

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Plan of Salvation Printable Bookmark

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Panda Bookmark Printable

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Dewey Decimal Bookmark Printable

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Free Printable Fall Bookmarks

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Heart Bookmark Printable

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Teachers Day Bookmarks Printables

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Pirate Bookmarks Printable

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Percy Jackson Bookmarks Printable

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Mickey Mouse Printable Bookmarks

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Angel Bookmarks Printable

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Charlotte Web Bookmarks Printable


Frozen Bookmarks Printable


Romans Road Bookmark Printable

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Cute Bookmarks Printable Free

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Science Bookmarks Printable

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One Direction Bookmarks Printable

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Free Printable Bookmarks for Adults

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Funny Printable Bookmarks

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Holiday Bookmarks Printable


Custom Printable Bookmarks


Free Printable Inspirational Bookmarks

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Printable Bookmarks for Teens

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Free Printable Personalized Bookmarks

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Drug Free Bookmarks Printable

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Free Printable Halloween Bookmarks

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Grandparents Day Bookmarks Printable

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Math Bookmarks Printable Free

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Printable Bookmarks for Teachers

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Printable Bookmarks for Boys

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Naruto Bookmarks Printable

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Printable Pokemon Bookmarks

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Monster Bookmarks Printable

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Earth Day Bookmarks Printable

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Hello Kitty Bookmarks Printable

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Superhero Bookmarks Printable

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Doctor Who Bookmark Printable

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Friendship Bookmarks Printable

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Star Wars Bookmarks Printable

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Printable Geronimo Stilton Bookmarks

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You can write your name on the blank bookmark templates after downloading them. You can also put down your favorite quote. There is no harm in a little personalization, what say? Students would find a renewed interest to visit the school library with such beautiful bookmarks hidden in the books. If you are designing a template for your little one, take care to choose the words wisely so that they learn or are reminded of something good every time they go over it.