11 Funny Cow Mask Printables

Cow masks are fun accessories to play with and they are mostly used by kids. Playdates, cosplay and birthday parties, such amusing masks generally grace these occasions.

Free and Printable Cow Mask Templates

The list includes some cut-outs of a cow to help those parents whose children need to dress up as one at their school. There are black and white masks along with some colorful templates. The eyelashes, big ears, and conspicuous eyes are mentionable features common in such masks.

Printable Mask of Cow

Source: SuperColoring.com

Printable Cow Mask

Source: SuperColoring.com

Printable Cow Mask Template

Source: Pinterest.com

Printable Cow Mask Pattern

Source: Psubarstool.com

Printable Cow Mask for Kids

Source: ArtistHelpingChildren.org

Printable Cow Face Mask Template

Source: Pinterest.com

Free Printable Cow Mask Template

Source: SuperColoring.com

Easy Cow Mask Printable

Source: Easy-Child-Crafts.com

Cute Printable Cow Mask

Source: Images.Template.net

Cow Mask Printable

Source: 7thStreetTavern.com

Cow Face Mask Printable

Source: ImageSix.org

The black and white masks can be colored further if needed. Just use a string to tie at both ends of the mask and start moooing!!

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