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Dinosaurs never fail to inspire awe in little ones, isn’t it? So here you get a list of kid-friendly dinosaur crafts that look super cute and can be done very easily. They can be made from paper plates, handprints, etc., using free, printable templates. Most of the DIYs are crafted from paper and sometimes require gluing and painting.

The Good Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

Disney enthusiasts would love to be a part of this craft. It is made with paper plates and construction paper using green paint and brush, craft glue, green glitter, and a black marker.

The Good Dinosaur Craft

Colorful Dinosaur Crafts

The above-linked tutorial comes with three easy templates to help you in the craft. Needless to say, the 3 templates are for 3 different types of dinosaurs. Who doesn’t like some variety?

Dinosaur Crafts

Fun Dinosaur Craft

We love this craft dinosaur with movable limbs. It is done by making holes in the paper dino’s body and inserting paper fasteners.

Dinosaur Craft

Preschool Dinosaur Craft

Just grab a few supplies lying around your home to make this cool dinosaur craft. Kids will love to be a part of an activity involving their prehistoric friends.

Dinosaur Craft Preschool

Popsicle Stick Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers

A total of 5 different types of dinosaurs have been created in the above-linked tutorial. Don’t the googly eyes look cute on them?

Dinosaur Crafts for Preschoolers

Dinosaur Craft for Toddlers

These colorful dinosaur handprint cards look attractive with pom poms glued to them. You can gift one of these to daddy dearest on Father’s Day.

Dinosaur Crafts for Toddlers

Dinosaur Arts And Crafts

This is an easy dino craft for toddlers. It is done by making dinosaur art with sparkly watercolors and then decorating it.

Dinosaur Arts And Crafts

Printable Dinosaur Craft

Dinosaur Craft Printable

Dinosaur Craft for Kids

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

D Is For Dinosaur Construction Paper Craft

D Is For Dinosaur Craft

Dinosaur Handprint Craft

Dinosaur Handprint Craft

DIY Dinosaur Hat Craft

Dinosaur Hat Craft

Easy Dinosaur Craft

Easy Dinosaur Crafts

Instructions for Dinosaur Egg Craft

Dinosaur Egg Craft

After going through the images of the crafts listed above, we are sure you can’t wait to create these amazing craft dinosaurs. Kids get to hone their fine motor skills as they indulge in the craft, and adults can keep their creative juices flowing as they get involved in the fun projects.

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