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You can turn your old drab flowerpots into vivid garden and patio decorations with this collection of free tutorials. They look beautiful and can give wings to your creativity as you rewind and relax through this painting activity. You can use stencils, thumbprints, or simply paintbrushes and your color palette for your art.

Flower Pot Painting Tutorial

The cheery bee in this painted flower pot is perfect for decorating your garden for spring. The polka-dotted ribbon adds pizzazz to the craft.

Flower Pot Painting

Flower Pot Painting Idea

This DIY revolves around painting flower pots to give them a tropical vibe. The easy craft is done using stencils.

Flower Pot Painting Ideas

An Idea to Paint Flower Pots

We love the inspirational quotes on these painted flower pots. They can be excellent gifts for friends and family.

Ideas to Paint Flower Pots

Geometric-Painted Flower Pots

Geometric designs on your painted flower pots lend them a cute and colorful look. It can be a fun spring or summer project as well as a Mother’s Day gifting option.

Painted Flower Pots

Watermelon-Painted Flower Pots

For your terracotta pots, you can use leftover house, latex, acrylic craft, chalk, spray or stencil paint. After painting is over, you need to seal the paint in with a gloss or matte sealer.

Flower Pots Painted

Tutorial for Painting on Flower Pots

Before beginning to paint your terracotta pot, you need to clean it thoroughly, irrespective of whether the pot is old or brand new.

Painting on Flower Pots

Cool Flower Pot Painting Ideas

Give your flower pots some character by adding googly eyes and critter markings. It can help brighten up your garden.

Flower Pot Painted Ideas

Personalized Hand Painted Flower Pots

Hand Painted Flower Pots

Idea for Painted Flower Pots

Ideas for Painted Flower Pots

How to Paint Flower Pots

Paint Flower Pots

Fingerprint Paint Idea for a Flower Pot

Paint Ideas for Flower Pots

Painted Flower Pot Idea for Kids

Painted Flower Pot Ideas

Unique Painted Flower Pot Ideas

Painted Flower Pots Ideas

Acrylic Paint Hand Painted Confetti Flower Pot

Acrylic Paint Hand Painted Flower Pots

Brightly Painted Flower Pots

Painted Flower Pot

The lovely images in this post can act as great inspirations for your art. You need not be a skilled artist for the craft. The geometric and abstract painted patterns can be made even by kids. If you want finer designs, you can always use stencils.

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