15 DIY Clay Ornaments

Written by kittybabylovekittybabylove| April 22, 2023 in Worksheet

You can make Christmas ornaments in any shape you want with clay. It is easy to mold the material and decorate it with paint pens, puff paint, stamps and paint. You can even include festive wishes on the gorgeous craft. Just go through the DIYs listed below, and you will know. Soak in the yuletide spirit as you indulge yourself in the activity.

Tutorial for Clay Ornaments

These simple air dry clay ornaments can be used as stocking stuffers during the holiday season. The above-linked DIY gives you all the details along with the steps for pressing flowers for the ornaments.

Clay Ornaments

Clay Christmas Ornaments

These unique ornaments are made from oven-bake clay.  You will find it easy to work with it as it is a very forgiving medium.

Clay Christmas Ornaments

Clay Ornaments DIY Instructions

Apart from making them hang from the tree, you can use these clay ornaments as gift toppers, jewelry, vase filler, or string them into a garland.

DIY Clay Ornaments

Polymer Clay Ornament

This evergreen sprig clay ornament is perfect for amping up your holiday décor. The pretty farmhouse-style ornament can be used on the tree or for gift wrapping.

Polymer Clay Ornaments

Handmade Air Dry Clay Ornaments

The above-linked tutorial not only explains the steps of making but also talks about solving the cracking issues in your air dry clay ornaments.

Air Dry Clay Ornaments

Make Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments

These cute snowflake ornaments can be made in any pattern that you wish. The clay snowflake designs are glued to wooden rounds for hanging from trees.

Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments

Clay Ornament Idea

A touch of gold and a heartfelt message inscribed on these air dry clay ornaments add a touch of sparkling personalization.

Clay Ornament Ideas

Clay Ornaments DIY Guide

Clay Ornaments DIY

Homemade Clay Mitten Ornaments

Homemade Clay Ornaments

Making Clay Ornaments Using Molds

How to Make Clay Ornaments

Cool Clay Ornaments

Clay Ornament

Clay Handprint Ornaments

Clay Handprint Ornament

Ideas for Clay Ornaments

Clay Ornaments Ideas

Easy DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments

DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments

Cute DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament

DIY Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments

Note that most of the tutorials above use air dry or polymer clay as they are pretty workable materials. Some of them also use clay mixed with salt dough. Finally, let us wind up with this. As you get your hands dirty, let the beautiful ornaments (pictured above) that something as plain as clay can turn into serve as your inspiration.