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Gift card trees are a thoughtful gifting idea for people close to your heart. They offer a great way of presenting gift cards from shops and restaurants. You can make them with real trees, branches, or craft supplies. Hanging gift cards from small Christmas trees can be a great holiday gift. Don’t forget to include a personalized message in your gift card tree.

Gift Card Tree Tutorial

A gift card tree lets you beautifully present gift cards to your loved ones on festive occasions. They are great as holiday, graduation, and birthday gifts.

Gift Card Tree

Easy Gift Card Tree

The supplies for this project are gift cards, washi tape, and a photo holder. That is all you need to make this adorable holiday gift.

Gift Card Trees

Cute Gift Card Tree Holder

You will love the minimalistic looks of this gift card tree. It is anchored in a tin can with crumpled newspaper at the base, where you can stick in and glue the branch of a tree that holds the gift cards.

Gift Card Tree Holder

Fun Gift Card Tree Idea

This green gifting idea has an aloe vera plant holding the gift cards tied to it with ribbons. A perfect ‘get well soon’ gift, what say?

Gift Card Tree Ideas

Cool Gift Card Christmas Tree

In this holiday DIY, a mini Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments and gift cards from various restaurants and shops.

Gift Card Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder Idea

Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder

DIY Gift Card Tree

Gift Card Tree Diy

Idea for Handmade Gift Card Tree

Ideas for Gift Card Tree

Make Your Own Gift Card Tree

How to Make a Gift Card Tree

Christmas Tree With Gift Cards

Christmas Tree Gift Cards

Who doesn’t like green, environment-friendly gifts? That is the reason why many DIYs listed above have real plants acting as gift card holders. Once the recipient of the gift takes out the gift cards, he can plant it in his garden.

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