How to Make a Scrunchie: 11 DIYs

Written by kittybabylovekittybabylove| October 29, 2022 in Worksheet

Scrunchies are wonderful fabric-covered elastic to hold your hair back neatly, preventing damaged and split ends. A dance or gymnastic outfit never seems to be complete without a scrunchy to match. The popular hair accessory is stylish and practical at the same time. Did you know that whipping up one on your own is a piece of cake? Scroll down to know more.

Instructions to Make a Scrunchie

The above-linked post has a video, written and photo tutorial for making a scrunchie. It is made by cutting fabric strips to a specific size, folding and sewing after inserting an elastic.

How to Make a Scrunchie

Making Your Own Scrunchies

This tutorial shows you the steps of making scrunchies in 6 different sizes using hand sewing or a sewing machine.

How to Make Scrunchies

Scrunchie DIY Tutorial

This no-sew, no-glue scrunchie can be made in just 5 minutes.  You need elastic, hem tape with a paper backing, and cotton quilting fabric for your craft.

DIY Scrunchie

Scrunchy Making Guide

This homemade scrunchy is made by cutting strips of fabric, folding and sewing it, and threading an elastic through the fabric tube so formed.

How to Make a Scrunchy

DIY Hair Scrunchie

For this project, you can either use store-bought elastic or a ¼” sewing elastic. Both work fine, but the first option gives you tighter scrunchies that don’t sag easily.

How to Make Hair Scrunchies

Making a Scrunchie for Your Hair

This written guide comes with a video tutorial to help you with the project. It involves the usage of a sewing machine.

How to Make a Scrunchie for Hair

Hair Scrunchie Directions

How to Make a Hair Scrunchie

Make a Scrunchie with a Hair Tie

How to Make a Scrunchie with a Hair Tie

Making Your Own Scrunchie

How to Make Scrunchie

DIY Professional Scrunchies

How to Make a Professional Scrunchie

Making a Scrunchie with a Sewing Machine

How to Make Scrunchies with a Sewing Machine

The above collection of tutorials shows you how to make scrunchies that are sewn, not sewn, or simply taped together. But all of them require fabric pieces and elastics. The DIY offers a great way of using up your fabric stash.