8 Superb Incredibles Mask Templates

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| April 04, 2020 in Worksheet

Who doesn’t love The Incredibles? Here is a chance for fans to re-enact the antics of their favorite superheroes in a fun yet easy way. Just take printouts of the below, cut them out and swing to action!

Free Printable Incredibles Mask Templates

Though most of the masks are black, some of the printables are colored to keep the little ones interested. You need to cut along the borders and the eye holes.

Incredibles Mask Template

Source: 7thstreettavern.com

Incredibles Mask Template Printable

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Template for Incredibles Mask

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Incredibles Eye Mask Template

Source: kindpng.com

Incredibles Face Mask Template

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Mr Incredible Mask Template

Source: cdn.playbuzz.com

The Incredibles Mask Template

Source: webstockreview.net

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The munchkins would look cute in these masks, won’t they? And who doesn’t want a tiny superhero in his home to ward off evil forces? Jokes apart, you would love to see your little one playing in these well-designed masks.