14 Enjoyable Letter H Worksheets for Kids

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| March 31, 2019 in Worksheet

Letter worksheets are not only fun, rather useful to some extent. Letter ‘H’ is one of them which can be easily learnt, still the necessity of practice is undeniable. So, browse throw different worksheets and make sure the learning of your kids gets better with them.

10 Free Letter H Tracing Printable Worksheets

Tracing is an important part learning how to write the letter H. Here are some worksheets that can help kids understand the pattern even more.

Letter H Worksheet

Source: TwistyNoodle.com

Letter H Worksheet for Preeschool

Source: Kindergartenworksheets.net

Free Printable Letter H Worksheet


Letter H Writing Worksheet

Source: KidsUnder7.com

Cursive Letter H Worksheet

Source: Toddler-net.com

Letter H Tracing Worksheet

Source: SightWordsGames.com

Letter H Practice Worksheet

Source: I-lovebrand.com

Letter H Handwriting Worksheet

Source: MomoMail.com

Letter H Worksheet for Kindergarten


Letter H Phonics Worksheets

Source: TheTypeThree.com

1 Letter H Coloring Worksheet

Coloring is always a nice activity children are interested in. Use that method to know how talented is your kid.

Letter H Coloring Worksheet

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1 Find the Letter H Worksheet

Spotting the right letter is a test for preschoolers to check if they have known the right thing or not. This following printable can be used for spotting other alphabets as well.

Find the Letter H Worksheets

Source: Clubdetirologrono.com

1 Letter H Sound Worksheet

Which word starts with H and which doesn’t, should be clear to kids, so as a next step of learning the letter, this is mandatory.

Letter H Sound Worksheet

Source: Pinterest.com

1 Letter H Cut and Paste Worksheet

Let your child indulge in cut and paste method to understand new words corresponding to the letter . This worksheet is useful in that regard.

Letter H Cut and Paste Worksheet

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Teaching is not necessarily boring, if such worksheets are available. Print and have fun with your kids for hours.