15 Learning the Letter K Worksheets

Printable letter k worksheets introduce little ones to the eleventh letter of the English alphabets. They are mainly tracing, find the letter K and cut and paste exercises. The tracing requires them to get one straight and two angular lines correct. Some of the free pages help in learning simple words beginning with the letter k.

Free Printable Letter K Worksheets

The printables suit preschool, pre-K and kindergarten kids. Arrows help in getting the small and capital letter k perfectly. The alphabet is depicted in a dotted form to aid in tracing by toddlers.

Letter K Worksheets

Source: Learningthealphabet.com

Letter K Preschool Worksheets

Source: Coolmathkid.com

Writing Letter K Worksheets

Source: Freeprintablepdf.eu

Free Printable Letter K Worksheets

Source: Meowapps.co

Free Letter K Worksheets for Kindergarten

Source: Education.com

Letter K Cut and Paste Worksheets

Source: Myteachingstation.com

Letter K Worksheets Printable

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Letter K Writing Worksheets

Source: Twistynoodle.com

Find the Letter K Worksheet

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Free Letter K Worksheets for Preschool

Source: Gabp.me

Letter K Handwriting Free Printable Worksheets

Source: Thelearningsite.info

Letter K Practice Worksheets

Source: Education.com

Letter K Tracing Worksheets Preschool

Source: Sodiu.me

Letter K Worksheets for Pre K

Source: Proworksheets.com

Letter K Worksheets for Toddlers

Source: I-lovebrand.com

Children would find the pictures of kangaroos, keys, kiwi, king and koala bear interesting and might be inclined to color them. You can allow them to get creative with the paintbrushes once they are done with the writing activity. After they get the shape of the basic letter perfectly, you can emphasize on improving their handwriting.

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