18 Entertaining letter L Worksheets for Kids

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| May 09, 2019 in Worksheet

Learning and practicing the writing pattern of the letter L is essential like it is for any other letter. But instead of the old method of teaching, using the following worksheets is a surefire way to make kids enjoy the educative session without any problem.

12 Free and Printable Letter L Worskheets

Tracing the letter helps kids learn the outline of “L” well. Not only are there capital L’s, but also small L’s. Cursive word tracing worksheets are also in the following list.

Letter L Worksheets

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Preschool Letter L Worksheets

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 Letter L Worksheets for Preschool

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Free Printable Letter L Worksheets

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Cursive Letter L Worksheets

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Letter L Worksheet for Grade 1

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Small Letter L Tracing Worksheet

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Letter L Handwriting Worksheets

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Letter L Worksheets For Kindergarten

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Free Printable Letter L Tracing Worksheets

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Writing the Letter L Worksheet

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Worksheet for the Letter L

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1 Find the Letter L Printable Worksheet

Searching for the right letter amidst all others is a good exercise that will keep your child ready for any such surprise exams in his/her school.

Find the Letter L Worksheet

Source: EnglishTreasureTrove.com

2 Letter L Phonics Worksheets

The sound of the letter ‘L’ and learning words starting with it is a major verbal practice that every child needs to know. These worksheets will be of much help in this regard.

Letter L Phonics Worksheet

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Letter L Sound Worksheet

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2 Free and Printable Letter L Coloring Worksheets

When learning is done through enjoyable activities like painting or coloring, then the entire process becomes successful.

Letter L Coloring Worksheet

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Letter L Worksheet for Pre K

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1 Letter L Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut and paste technique means even more involvement and children with a knack for crafts get impressed with the method.

Letter L Cut and Paste Worksheet

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The list offers multiple fun worksheets to start with. Whether your kid is at preschool or kindergarten, these above listed worksheets are good for all toddlers.