14 Constructive Letter P Worksheets

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| May 11, 2019 in Worksheet

Helping kids learn how to write the letter ‘P’ through these worksheets is fun. From tracing the letter to coloring it, all sorts of activities are incorporated in the printable worksheets. Check them out now by scrolling down.

7 Free and Printable Letter P Worksheets

In order to have a proper handwriting, tracing sheets are helpful to a mentionable extent. Practicing makes the writing perfect so print multiple sheets.

Letter P Worksheets

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Letter P Worksheets for Preschool

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Letter P Tracing Worksheets

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Letter P Handwriting Worksheets

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Letter P Worksheets For Kindergarten

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Free Printable Letter P Worksheets

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Letter P Worksheets For Toddlers

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3 Letter P Phonics Worksheet

The sound of ‘P’ and which words start with the letter should come as a subsequent step of tracing the alphabet. Here are three of such worksheets that are different from each other, but the utility is the same.

Letter P Phonics Worksheet

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Letter P Worksheet For First Grade

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Letter P Sound Worksheet

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1 Find the Letter P Worksheet

Spotting the letter from a bunch of other letters is a good way to check if your kids have understood it or not.

Find the Letter P Worksheet

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2 Letter P Coloring Worksheet

Coloring the images that starts with the letter ‘P’ is an educational step for kids so that they are more open to know how the alphabet form many words.

Letter P Coloring Worksheet

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Letter P Worksheets For Pre K

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1 Letter P Cut and Paste Worksheet

The cut and paste method is effective as well but it is a more time-taking affair than coloring and tracing the letter.

Letter P Cut And Paste Worksheet

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As you have seen, some of the printables are colorful, needless to say, they will appeal even more to kids. But black and white ones are also useful without a doubt. You may combine the printables and let your kids solve them one by one.