10 Engaging License Plate Bingo

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| July 23, 2020 in Worksheet

Are you looking for a non-conventional bingo game idea? Why not play a game of license plate bingo? It has license plate numbers imprinted on it in place of actual nunbers or images. Car-addicts would love the idea. The license plate images come in all colors and designs.

Free Printable License Plate Bingo

You can play this as a team or individual game. If you are playing host at a party, license plate bingo would keep the mood hip and happening. The cheering on getting a full house would be grand and loud.

License Plate Bingo

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Bingo License Plate

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Free Printable License Plate Bingo

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License Plate Bingo Cards

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License Plate Bingo Game

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License Plate Bingo Picture

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License Plate Bingo Printable

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License Plate Bingo Sheets

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Printable License Pate Bingo

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State License Plate Bingo

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You would find that while some of the free printables carry the real license plate numbers of various states, there are others that only mention the different places which have separate license plates.