12 Office Cleaning Checklists to Keep You Sorted

Keep your office cleaning up to the mark with the below checklists. They include tasks like floor cleaning, desktop/PC cleaning, cleaning of the different rooms like pantry, conference rooms, washrooms, etc.

Free Printable Office Cleaning Checklists

The free printables help to keep your cleaning schedule on point. Just check out the different boxes against the tasks that you have performed daily, weekly or monthly and you are on track.

Source: allbusinesstemplates.com

Cleaning Checklist for Office Building

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Daily Cleaning Checklist for Office

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Source: i.pinimg.com

Free Office Cleaning Checklist

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General Office Cleaning Checklist

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Medical Office Cleaning Checklist

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Office Cleaning Checklist Template

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Printable Cleaning Checklist for Office

Source: allbusinesstemplates.com

Professional Office Cleaning Checklist

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Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Source: images.template.net

Apart from the cleaning activities to be performed by the housekeeping staff, there are certain routine cleaning that is done by the employees as well. These checklists help you out on that front too.

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