30 Free Printable Anniversary Cards

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| March 12, 2018 in Worksheet

Anniversaries are such special occasions that commemorate completing a whole year of being together. To celebrate the special day, in addition to the festivities with food and frolic, it is best to start off with a greetings card to show how much the occasion means to you.

Wedding Anniversary Cards for Husband

Here is a collection of the most beautiful anniversary cards that you can give to your husband to start off the day. You can choose the funny cards to celebrate his sense of humor, the colorful cards with roses and hearts, or the simple black and white ones which you can fill with any color your heart desires.

Printable Happy Anniversary Cards for Wife

Now for all you husbands out there, here you can choose from a plethora of cards, some of the best ones from across the internet. Your better halves might get wooed all over again once you give them an anniversary card from the selection given below. Don’t just stop with the card, give your wife a romantic evening topped off with a nice candlelit dinner, she deserves it!

Wedding Anniversary Cards for Parents and Grandparents

Of course, anniversaries are celebrated not just by the two people involved, but also by others, be it their children, grandchildren, friends, relatives, and even colleagues. The following selection is made of all the non-husband-wife anniversary cards. You can practically give these cards to anybody on their anniversary, although, some of these are meant for parents and grandparents only, as they deserve something special.

Well, there you have it! We do hope that the anniversary went well for all the people involved, and wish countless returns of the special day.