18 Useful Printable Ring Sizers

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| July 06, 2019 in Worksheet

If you are too lazy to visit a jewelry store and are tech savvy, you might find it hard to ignore the comfort of online shopping. However, in case you want to buy a ring, you need to choose the correct size that fits your finger. A printable ring sizer allows you to arrive at your correct ring size without you having to leave the comfort of your couch.

Free Printable Ring Sizers

You need to just cut a slit at the marked line and wrap the linear ring sizer around your finger where you would wear your ring. The arrow end is then inserted into the slit and the ring size read from the graduated part. There are circular ring sizers also where you can measure an existing ring dimension and enter the same size while ordering a new ring.

Printable Ring Sizer

Source: Colorsymphony.com

Printable Ring Sizer Strip

Source: Rtrs.online

Mens Ring Sizer Printable

Source: Costco.com

Wedding Ring Sizer Printable

Source: Kongdian.me

Ring Finger Sizer Printable

Source: Ringreview.org

Printable Ring Sizer Womens

Source: Free-printable-paper.com

Free Printable Ring Sizer for Men

Source: Nwj.co.za

Printable Ring Sizer Actual Size

Source: Chartgallery.icu

Printable Toe Ring Sizer

Source: Elf925.com

Ring Sizer Tool Printable Sheet

Source: Oraffi.com

Accurate Free Online Printable Ring Sizer

Source: Csharpileweb.blogspot.com

Free Printable Ring Sizer

Source: Wndrlnd.co.uk

Paper Ring Sizer Printable

Source: Weddingforward.com

Printable Mens Ring Sizer Strip

Source: Diamondrocks.co.uk

Printable Ring Sizer Strip with Half Sizes

Source: Jewelryshoppingguide.com

Ring Size Chart Printable Ring Sizer

Source: Sopexample.com

Paper Ring Sizer

Source: Kyvelidesign.com

Ring Sizer Print

Source: Cleanorigin.com

If you are thinking of gifting a ring to your partner on Valentine’s Day or anniversary, you will find the free ring sizers extremely useful. You might also consider using them for choosing your wedding ring. Whatever be the purpose, the printables allow you to measure your ring size accurately.