16 Roman Word Search Puzzles

The Roman civilization significantly shaped the world we know today. Though it’s been thousands of years since it flourished, we can still see traces of it in the present times. From words, names, and holidays, many of us would wonder how much of them have thrived or left unchanged over the years.

Join us in an epic journey and discover Ancient Rome through these Roman word search puzzles in our collection. Have a fun learning journey with your kids by solving each of them, one by one!

Let’s Meet The Romans

The Romans were one of the several tribes of ancient Italy, some 2,000 years ago. They’re based in the city of Rome, which was the capital of the Roman Republic—and later on, the Roman Empire.

The Romans are a great patron of the arts and sciences. They’ve contributed much to engineering, architecture, medicine, philosophy, and literature. Additionally, the Romans were also fond of leisure and entertainment. The comedies of Livius Andronicus and the gladiatorial games at the Coliseum, all well documented in history books we read today. 

However, the biggest contribution that Romans have to the modern world is Latin. As Rome grew into an empire, Latin became its official language and imposed it across its territories. Today, many words and even languages have heavy traces of Latin in them. In fact, according to dictionary.com, 16 out of 80% of the borrowed words in the English language have their roots in Latin.

Free Roman Word Search Puzzles

Roman Word Search Puzzle and Worksheet

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The Romans Word Search

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Roman Vocabulary Word Search

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The Romans have left a treasure trove of legacy to us. From the words, names, and terms we use and the sophisticated processes and systems we employ today. While some of them have been left unchanged, most of them are modified to fit the languages we speak. Discover these Roman legacies by solving these word search puzzles.

Latin Word Search Puzzle

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Latin Phrases and Words Search Puzzle

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Latin is the language of the Romans, as well as the official language of the Roman empire. With that in mind, many Latin words have found their way into many languages of its diverse subjects. Latin words and phrases have also endured and weaved their way through history. In fact, the months in our birthday calendars have their Latin origins in the Roman Calendar. Learn more about Latin and its vocabulary through these informative word search puzzles.

Roman Way of Life Word Search

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Roman Culture Word Search

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Roman Food Word Search Puzzle

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The Romans are known for their rich culture and extravagant lifestyle. All thanks to their Greek neighbors, whom they borrowed heavily from in terms of religion, science, philosophy, literature, and arts. Additionally, Roman culture and their way of life evolved further as they expand into the farther reaches of the known world—allowing more access to foreign customs and goods. From breathtaking circuses to dramatic plays, find out which ones have lasted by solving these word search puzzles.  

Roman Religion and Rituals Word Search

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Greek and Roman Gods

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Religion played a vital role in Roman society and way of life. They perform and offer a variety of libations, rituals, and festivities to a pantheon of different gods—which are the Roman equivalent of the Greek gods. Such reverence and veneration the Romans have for their gods even extended into naming the planets after them. Check out these word search puzzles and learn more about Roman mythology and religion.  

Roman Army Word Search Puzzle

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Caesars of Rome Word Search

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The Roman empire, by far, was Ancient Rome’s biggest pride. From a humble republic, Rome was able to extend its territories and influence to the very ends of the known world. Rome owed all of this to their military might and superior strategy in battle. With a mighty empire comes a formidable leader, the Ceasar or emperor. Learn more about the Roman military and Ceasars by gradually conquering each of these word search puzzles. 

Rome and Early Christianity Word Search

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St. Valentine Word Search

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Rome was where the center of Christendom was built. It was during the reign of Emperor Constantine that Christianity became the empire’s state religion. Because of this, many of Rome’s legacy remained within the Christian Church. Latin, for example, became the church’s official language. Aside from that, Valentine’s Day also originated during this period. Discover the humble beginnings of Christianity through the enlightening word search puzzles.

Ancient Romans Word Search

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Modern Rome Word Search

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Throughout history, Ancient Rome contributed so much to science, politics, art, and literature. Since its glorious rise as an empire, down to becoming the capital of Modern Italy, Roman traditions and customs remained very much alive in one form or another. Like the Christmas traditions of today that originated from Saturnalia or the feast of the god Saturn, uncover the legacies that Romans left through these informative word search puzzles.

How to Make these Word Search Puzzles Fun and Worthwhile

Learning about the Roman Civilization can be a fun and worthwhile experience. All you need to do is put in a healthy dose of creativity and imagination. Whether you’re a parent or a teacher who is teaching kids about the past, do so like what a Roman Tutor or Pedagogue would to a Roman child. That said, here are some tips on how you can make these Word Search Puzzles fun and worthwhile for everyone.

Run a Word Search Solving Contest

How do we add thrill and excitement to word searches? Do we solve these word puzzles as fast and quickly as possible? Or gather as many words as we can on record time? Running word search solving contest would surely keep you at your toes like the chariot racers in the Coliseum. Make sure that you have prizes waiting for the winners right after.

Have a Book Beside You While Solving Them

These word search puzzles are filled with interesting facts that will leave you curious while solving them. So why not have a history book beside you while you comb through these word searches. Having a book beside you while solving these word searches with your fifth graders is perfect for spending quality time with them. You can also add in a little trivia for your little ones while you’re at it.

Roman Word Search Puzzles Frequently Asked Questions

Are these word search puzzles ready to print anytime?

Absolutely! These word search puzzles are in PDF format and are readily printable at any time. You can also print these educating word searches in various sizes too!

At what age can kids solve these word search puzzles?

Kids of different ages can solve these word searches easily. Some of them are perfect for grade-schoolers, while others suit those who are in high school. Just check them out first before downloading.  

Are these word search puzzles easy to solve?

Solving them might take longer or shorter depending on how extensive the word search puzzle is. But checking them beforehand will let you gauge the level of difficulty of these word searches.

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