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Have you been to the beach recently and stocked up on a massive collection of seashells in all shapes and sizes? Well, here we have shared ideas to put the beauties to good use by doing adorable crafts with them. The seashell crafts can be used to make keepsakes, interior decoration items, accessories, keychains, mini animals, and gifts. The options are endless.

Turtle Seashell Craft

For this cute DIY, pick a shell and paint it green. Then the shell decorations, head, tail, and legs can be made using green paper.

Seashell Crafts

Fish Seashell Craft

The colorful fish friends can be created by painting seashells in colors of your choice. Small shells are used for the fins of the seashell fish with plastic eyes.

Sea Shell Craft

Crafting Seashells into A Coastal Wreath

This DIY seashell wreath is perfect for beach lovers. Just a few basic supplies are needed, and you can create this wreath in no time at all.

Crafting Seashells

Magical Seashell Craft Idea

You will never want to take off this enchanting mermaid seashell crown. You can add glitter to add a touch of sparkle to the attractive hair accessory.

Seashell Craft Ideas

DIY Seashell Craft Keychains

Let the little ones enjoy a piece of summer by having these cool keychains latched onto their backpacks. It can be a source of full-on afternoon fun.

DIY Seashell Crafts

Painted Seashell Craft

A beautiful sunset scene can be depicted on the versatile seashells by painting along their grains. You don’t need to be an expert in painting for this DIY.

Seashell Craft

Seashell Necklace Craft

Sea Shells Craft

Seashell Jellyfish Craft

Sea Shell Crafts

Tea Light Candle Craft with Seashells

Crafts with Sea Shells

Sea Shell Mobile Craft Idea

Sea Shell Craft Ideas

Beach in A Jar Craft with Sea Shells

Craft with Sea Shells

Sea Shell Star Art and Craft

Sea Shell Art and Craft

After going through the list, you might want to make one or even more of the above crafts. Some people like the natural beauty of the seashells in their crafts, while others like to paint them in colors of their choice.

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