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10. They make an amazing gift. Imagine opening a package to see little kitty eggs sitting in a nested egg carton staring up at you. Who wouldn’t be delighted!
9. Be the first. These will be our first official batch of eco Kitty Egg Crayons. Not only will you have one of the first sets ever made, but you’ll have the knowledge that you actually helped manifest these cuties into reality.
8. Long lasting. Each kitty is the equivalent of 8 standard sticks of crayon without paper wrappers or broken stubs to worry about. Mothers, say goodbye to the unsightly mess of broken stubby crayons.
7. Durable. Their chubby bodies break their fall. We don’t recommend using them in place of your golf ball, but they do handle hard pressure and table falls much better than other crayons on the market.
6. Rich colors. Have you used eco crayons that were dull or had a waxy texture? Kitty Eggs don’t do that. They have vibrantly rich colors with a smooth texture- you’ll be amazed.
5. It helps tots promote grasping skills. Their bodies fit perfect in the palms of small hands, helping to promote the use of tripod muscles- critical for pencil and pen holding.
4. It sparks imaginative play. It doesn’t matter if you’re “too young” or “too old” to use crayons, everyone will be compelled to touch and play with these chubby kitties. We guarantee it’ll instantly brighten your day.
3. Fantastic tool for explorative art. There are no paper wrappers or pointed edges to guide a “right” or “wrong” way to use Kitty Egg Crayons. Use all sides of the kitty to make marks- from thin ear marks to broad butt strokes… there’s so much to discover!
2. It is better for our Earth. Cheap crayons use cheap materials that can draw on finite resources- like paraffin wax, an oil by-product. We will be using renewable ingredients such as beeswax and soy that will be natural or organic.
1. It helps support our local economy. We’re lucky we found all that we needed right here in the Pacific Northwest. From production to packaging, the Kitty Egg Crayons will be fully home grown. That means your money goes directly into pockets of families and artisans right here in America!


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