20 Interesting Tangram Puzzles Printables

Solving tangram puzzles gives you a wonderful opportunity to relive the ancient Chinese tradition. They increase a student’s mathematical abilities and help to increase their problem-solving capacity. You can choose from any of the puzzles below and indulge in the fun activity.

Free Printable Tangram Puzzles

The puzzles, when solved, form geometric shapes, animals, birds and people. They usually consist of geometrical shapes that are arranged in a box form ready to be arranged in a particular pattern.

Tangram Puzzles Printable

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Tangram Puzzle Patterns Printable

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Tangram Shapes for Kids

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Tangram Shapes

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Tangram Shape Sheet


Tangram Shapes Printable

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Tangram Puzzles

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Tangram Puzzles Worksheets Printable

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Tangram Puzzles to Print

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Tangram Puzzles for Adults

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Tangram Puzzle Sheets

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Tangram Puzzle Images

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Tangram Heart Puzzle

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Shapes Puzzle Tangram

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Printable Tangram Puzzles for Kindergarten

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Pictures of Tangram Shapes

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Free Printable Tangram Puzzles

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Easy Tangram Puzzles for Kids

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Easy Printable Tangram Puzzles

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Difficult Tangram Puzzles Printable

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Present the puzzle pieces to the kids in a box shape and ask them to disassemble the set and create the desired shape. Some of the puzzle pieces are colored while others are simply black-and-white. Choose a tangram puzzle that best appeals to your little one and matches his skills.

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