10 Superfun Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when we acknowledge our gratitude to the universe for everything we have in our lives. Celebrate the day with these crossword puzzles, some of which are real head-scratchers.

Printable Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles

Peruse through the following selection of crossword puzzles, print the ones you like the most and take your best shot at solving them, don’t forget to let the kids in on the fun! They are also a great way of teaching your kids about the history and importance of the special day.
Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Source: LALCTeachers.blogspot.in

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Answers

Source: Self-Reliant-Living.com

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Printable

Source: LivinInSD.com

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles for Adults

Source: HomeWithHeartLand.com

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Source: ELCivics.com

Free Printable Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzles

Source: AllFreePrintable.com

Thanksgiving Day Crossword Puzzle

Source: Store.Puzzles-To-Print.com

Easy Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Source: HomeSchooling.About.com

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Middle School

Source: Qualint.com

Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle With Word Bank

Source: Education.com

So that completes the list, hopefully, you had a good time solving the puzzles. How about taking multiple printouts of the same puzzle so you can organize a fun competition for your guests? Have fun! Until next time, goodbye and a happy thanksgiving!

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