11 Toothpick Puzzles That Make You Think

Re-energize your analytical abilities by solving the below toothpick puzzles. The free printables mainly deal with patterns in which you need to arrange the toothpicks. You might need to do a few mental calculations and draw a few draft patterns to arrive at your answer.

Free Printable Toothpick Puzzles

You can give them to older kids to enhance their puzzle-solving abilities. The collection would make them rack their brains for the correct answer. Adults can solve them in their spare time. Read the questions carefully before starting the activity.

Toothpick Puzzles

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Toothpick Bar Puzzles

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Toothpick Brain Puzzles

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Toothpick Challenge Puzzle

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Toothpick Logic Puzzles

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Toothpick Math Puzzles

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Toothpick Puzzles Triangles

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Toothpick Puzzles Worksheets

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Fish Toothpick Puzzle

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Toothpick Puzzles for Kids

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Brain Teaser Toothpick Puzzles

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Some of the printables mention the number of moves that need to be made for creating a particular pattern while some do not. You can arrange for a competition of sorts that requires individuals to solve the toothpick puzzles within a certain time frame.

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