Origami Kitty Tutorial

Kitty Origami

To keep in theme with *Kitty* Baby Love, we are including a free kitten with every purchase. They are tiny things, much smaller than the one in this tutorial. Use the following tutorial to make a family for yourself or to make siblings and parents for your new kitty =^_^=

Cost : $
Time : 5-10 min.
Difficulty : Medium

Making the Origami Paper

1. Find a piece of paper. Not a square? No problem. For this tutorial I used a page out of a magazine.

Kitty Tutorial 01

2. Fold a corner into the page. It really doesn’t matter how you do it.
Tip : For less cutting, fold it so that it aligns along a straight edge of the page. (I couldn’t do that because one side of my paper is torn.)

Kitty Tutorial 02

3. Cut away the part of the page that is still visible.

Kitty Tutorial 03

4. Unfold and Viola! Perfect square.

Kitty Tutorial 04

The Main Show: Origami Kitty

* The illustrated side will be the “right” side of my origami kitty. The “right” side is the side that shows when the kitty is completed. For a typical origami paper this means the colored side of the paper you are using.

5. Start on the “wrong” side and fold in a diagonal (already creased if you made the square in steps 1-5).

6. Fold as shown in the picture.

Kitty Tutorial 06
* note the “right” side and “wrong” side

7. Keep going…

Kitty Tutorial 07

8. Fold corners into edge.

Kitty Tutorial 08a

9. Unfold step 7. Fold opposite tip in as shown.

Kitty Tutorial 09

10. Fold along dotted edge. Unfold. Repeat on opposite side.

Kitty Tutorial 09a
* First fold along this dotted edge, then unfold…

Kitty Tutorial 09b
* then fold along this dotted edge, and unfold.

11. Squash corners into centerline as shown. This should happen naturally from the creases made in step 10.

Kitty Tutorial 10

Creating the Head

12. Fold as shown.

Kitty Tutorial 11

Kitty Tutorial 11a
* Bottom corners fold into a corner as shown. Top does not fold into corner- there is no real guide to this. The top part will be the upper head of the kitty; it can be as skinny or fat as you like.

Kitty Tutorial 12

Creating the Ears

13. Open the flap to the left (as shown).

Kitty Tutorial 13

14. Fold flap upwards as such. Unfold. Repeat on other side.

Kitty Tutorial 14

15. Open back to center. Squash the part you just folded in step 14 inward to form the ear.

Kitty Tutorial 15a

Kitty Tutorial 15b

16. Repeat on other side.

Kitty Tutorial 15c

Time for the Body

17. Now the tricky part! Holding the tip of the ear you just made, pull out the paper as shown.

Kitty Tutorial 16aa
* start carefully pulling out

Kitty Tutorial 16b
* keep pulling…

Kitty Tutorial 16c
* you did it!

18. Repeat on other side.

Kitty Tutorial 17

19. Fold into centerline as shown. Repeat on both sides.

Kitty Tutorial 18

Kitty Tutorial 19

Kitty Hindquarters

20. I turned the piece 90 degrees clockwise. Fold in half on centerline.

Kitty Tutorial 20

21. Fold inward at point.

Kitty Tutorial 20a

Kitty Tutorial 21

22. Fold one side inward as shown. There is no guide for this part; do it as much or as little as you like. It will be the back legs of the kitty. Repeat on other side.

Kitty Tutorial 22a

Kitty Tutorial 23

23. Fold tip upwards as shown. This creates the tail of the kitty. I line it along the bottom edge of the legs.

Kitty Tutorial 24

Kitty Tutorial 24a
* I fold it along the red line (imaginary in real life) as a guide- it is a straight line.

Kitty Tutorial 25

Finishing Touches

24. Open up the front part of the kitty as shown

Kitty Tutorial 26

25. Fold the tip of the face under a tad to create a rounder face.

Kitty Tutorial 27

26. Push the front legs out a little so that your kitty can stand on its own, and tada, finished!

Kitty Tutorial 28

Kitty Tutorial 29

Now you can say, “today I learned how to make a kitty origami!” Meow!

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