18 Joyous Hanukkah Cards

Hanukkah literally translates into, ‘to dedicate’ in Hebrew. This is one of the biggest Jewish holidays on the Hebrew calendar. It is observed by lighting candles on a unique candelabrum, called a menorah, which has several branches, with one candle being lit every night, progressing to the eighth day, when all the candles are lit. But you must surely know all this! You are here for greeting cards that you can send out to your family and friends on Hanukkah, and greeting cards are what you are about to get.

Free Hanukkah Greeting Cards

The following selection of Hanukkah themed greeting cards offers you choices ranging from printable, with or without messages, funny, cute, or just plain cool, and everything else that you might expect from a Hanukkah card. So, go ahead, take your pick, have a lovely Hanukkah!

Hopefully you had a wonderful Hanukkah, spreading the love, joy and celebrating the Festival of Lights. Watch this space out for more helpful things you can print and make your life easier!

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