10 Printable Zoo Animals

printable zoo animals

Society’s affectionate nature for cute and fun animals is overflowing. People spend hours of their day with their pets, even have them as prom partners. While there are domesticated animals that individuals can have as their beloved pets, other animals are too hard to tame. Fortunately, you can still see their wonderful attributes by going […]

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12 Farm Animals Word Search Puzzles

farm animals

Old MacDonald had a farm. And on his farm, he had some animals. If we’re near his place, we can hear the moos, oinks, quacks, neighs, baas, and clucks. Oh! But we’re not going to sing here. We will just recall the animals we see on the farms that are away from the city. Are […]

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8 Best Pre-school Graduation Poems Samples (PDF)

preschool graduation

Preschool—called primary school or kindergarten in some places—is where kids learn their ABCs, number cards, colors, and shapes. In the classroom, preschoolers get to experience a different environment. After the end of the school year, children hear a round of congratulations as they graduate from the class. Apart from singing and dancing, preschoolers can say […]

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12 Best Sample Literary Maps

Books, no matter the genre, inspire readers to imagine different scenarios, people, and places. Most especially, books bring joy to those using them—empowering the minds and widening the vocabulary. In particular, fictional novels (and even some non-fictional ones) stir the imaginations of people by using dozens of context clues and wordplay. But besides these common […]

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10 Printable Maps of Fictional Cities

The fictional world, a place where the impossible becomes possible and unlikely realities happen. It is a place that looks exactly like ours and feels odd at the same time. The fictional world is filled with familiar cities, towns, and villages where humans and imaginary creatures meet. And the only ticket into this world is […]

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15 American Presidents Word Search Printable Puzzles

From George Washington to Joe Biden, 46 men have served and led the United States. Like solving a puzzle, these leaders have tried fitting things together for the betterment of the country and its citizenry. They have carried out their obligations and did what they think is right. However, not every person in the United […]

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Heart-Shaped Card Templates

We’ve seen heart-shaped card artwork hanging from the ceiling on Valentine’s day, thrown to couples on their wedding day, and glued on greeting cards on mother’s day. While some people have mastered the art of cutting out proportionate hearts, others still need a guide to come up with a perfect two-lobed figure. That is why […]

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16 Roman Word Search Puzzles

The Roman civilization significantly shaped the world we know today. Though it’s been thousands of years since it flourished, we can still see traces of it in the present times. From words, names, and holidays, many of us would wonder how much of them have thrived or left unchanged over the years. Join us in […]

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18 Animals Word Search (Printable PDF Samples)

There are dozens and dozens of creatures that make up the whole animal kingdom. They come in different forms and sizes and live in different habitats. From soaring heights to the deep blue oceans, the animal kingdom is surely spectacular. Animals have certainly caught our imagination. So take an exciting journey into the animal kingdom, […]

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