10 Printable Zoo Animals

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Society’s affectionate nature for cute and fun animals is overflowing. People spend hours of their day with their pets, even have them as prom partners. While there are domesticated animals that individuals can have as their beloved pets, other animals are too hard to tame. Fortunately, you can still see their wonderful attributes by going to the zoo.

In particular, kids find animals endearing and wonderful. If you’re a kindergarten teacher or parent, having a zoo or safari trip is an effective behavior influencer. Moreover, you can also educate the children about the unique creations of nature. With that, these awesome printable zoo animals templates will entertain the kids. So, choose the best zoo craft for you now.

Zooming On Different Zoo Animals

Nearly every urban city around the world has a zoo within its premises. Whether it’s a small place or a large extension, it attracts thousands of people every year. According to the National Geographic Society, zoos, short for zoological parks, have different purposes. For one, it acts as a preservation or breeding center for endangered animals. Second, scientists can study wild animals while protecting them from poachers or hunters. And third, it helps encourage people to respect and love the environment.

Modern zoos are not different from the ones created by humans thousands of years ago. In effect, people have always exhibited behaviors towards keeping animals within reach. In the zoo and aquarium report produced by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), over 50 million children visit zoos with their families every year. Additionally, 12 million students spend hours inside zoos for field trips annually. Zoos are part of the curriculum, so here are some ways to make the experience more exciting for the children.

Printable Zoo Animals

Zoo Alphabet for Children

source: behance.net (via: Anna Guz)

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This free printable zoo animals template help kids remember the alphabet through the animals. Acting like an alphabet chart, the material is attractive and colorful. The template has three pages for all the twenty-six (26) letters, so you have to download the file to view all the details.

Counting at the Zoo

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I Spy the Zoo Animals

source: schooltimesnippets.com

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Make your field trip more exciting by having “I Spy” animal worksheets for your students or kids. These printable pictures of zoo animals will help make the children alert while looking around the zoo. Additionally, the picture patterns are easy to identify for children and adults.

Sticker Zoo Animals

source: lululataupe.com

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Animal cut-out templates are great rewards for the children’s classroom achievements. For instance, presenting elephant stickers for acing color by number cars will be a delightful experience for toddlers. It’s also easy to accomplish! You can download the template and then print it on sticker-type paper. After printing, cut the animals.

Zoo Animals Portrait

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You can use animal picture cards or flashcards for activities that require children to choose their favorite wild animal. The zoo animals portrait represents the zoo animals in a child-friendly manner. As a foldable template, you can flip the material to make sure the cuts are even on the edges.

Zoo Bingo

source: deceptivelyeducational.blogspot.com

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This zoo bingo template has more than two pages of fun-filled content for young kids. It’s a great pastime for families during weekends or 4th of July celebrations. To see the full contents of the bingo material, you have to download the template.

Pocket Zoo Map

source: thetechieteacher.net

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Expand the knowledge of your children or students with this pocket zoo map sample. This creative art map looks at the possible routes for a zoo trip. You can practice your field trip in the classroom using this adorable template sample.

Build A Zebra Printable

source: mrsmerry.com

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Go Color Zoo Animals Printable

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Zoo Animals Spotter

source: sparklebox.co.uk

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How to Show Appreciation and Respect for Zoo Animals

Zoo animals live far away from their natural habitat because of different reasons. Some of these animals were rescued from hostile places and others needed the help of humans. Hence, zoo visitors need to be obedient and respectful to the people managing the area. Like farm animals, zoo animals should be loved and respected.

For parents, explaining appreciation and respect for zoo animals can be challenging. So, here are some of the steps to help make describing the attitude easier for the children.

Read and Follow the Zoo Instructions or Descriptions

If the children can’t read the noticeable signs yet, you have the responsibility to explain the instructions. But, why does it matter? Zoo animals have specific temperatures and characteristics. If visitors are not paying attention and do not follow instructions, it can cause harm to the animal. So, read the list before doing anything.

Listen to What the Guide or Zookeeper is Saying

Most field trips have guides or zookeepers. They are responsible for reminding parents, students, and teachers about the things they should and should not do in the vicinity. They have handy printable leaflets that they distribute to their guests. Importantly, you need to listen to the zookeeper to avoid problems and misunderstandings.

Don’t Scare or Harm the Animals

When visiting the zoo, you have to ensure the safety of the children. Besides this, you also have to make sure that they are not scaring or harming the animals. For example, removing a starfish from the aquarium or throwing wrapping paper at birds. You have to remind the children to be careful, respectful, and caring about the animals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Printable Zoo Animals

Is the template easy to print?

All the listed templates are easy to download and print. Once you have the folder on your laptop or computers, you can quickly click the print option to start printing the materials.

Can I choose a black and white version of the zoo animals pictures?

Yes, you can print the templates in black and white versions. You need to manually adjust the printing details to make sure that it’s in the grayscale version. But, if you want the best outputs for your kids, you should try the colored prints of these templates.

What is the quality of the templates?

The templates here are in PDF format to maximize the printing quality. After downloading the folder from the server, extract the files. You can print the templates right away.