18 Animals Word Search (Printable PDF Samples)

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There are dozens and dozens of creatures that make up the whole animal kingdom. They come in different forms and sizes and live in different habitats. From soaring heights to the deep blue oceans, the animal kingdom is surely spectacular.

Animals have certainly caught our imagination. So take an exciting journey into the animal kingdom, and dig in through the animal word search samples that we’ve gathered for you!

Free and Printable Animal Word Search Puzzles

Animal Word Search Puzzle 

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Animal Word Search Worksheet

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Scientists believe that around 1-2 million out of 8.7 billion species on the planet are animals. And each of these species is also made up of millions of different sub-species, most of which are the common ones that we see around us.

You can find some of these creatures in these free and printable animal word search puzzles and worksheets. They’re perfect for giving kids a fun and exciting way to learn about the animal world, whether you’re a parent or a school teacher.

African Animals Word Search Puzzle

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Coloring Desert Animals Word Search Sheet

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In most cases, Africa is the place that instantly pops out from our heads when we talk about animals. From graceful animals, such as giraffes, and the dominant predators like the lion and cheetahs, who could forget about these magnificent characters from the movie “The Lion King?

Aside from that, other animals that live in the vast open desert and savanna can also be discovered in these printable puzzles and sheets. You can also breathe life into some of the drawings by putting some colors on them.

Jungle Animals Word Search Sheet

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Rainforest Animal Word Search

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We can find animals in every corner of the globe and in places where food is abundant and shelters are plenty. Under the canopy of rain forests and jungles, both predators and prey thrive in an environment that provides well with the resources they need.

From leopards, monkeys, butterflies, lions, and all sorts of creatures, these are some of the jungle inhabitants that you’ll find in these informative printable word search samples.

Ocean Animals Word Search Puzzle

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Bodies of Water & Animals Word Search Puzzle

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Sea Animals Vocabulary & Word Search Puzzle

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Aside from the Earth’s dry surface, numerous animals also thrived under the immense depths of the sea and the ocean. The ocean floor and sea bed, like most habitats, also provide an abundant food source for its inhabitants.

Moreover, rocks, caves, and corals shelter a variety of sea animals. Ocean and sea-dwelling creatures come in different appearances and sizes, too! From dolphins, starfishes, and many others, there’s so much to discover about life under the sea with these free word search puzzles.

Birdbrain Word Search Puzzle

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Bird Word Search Puzzle & Coloring Sheet

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If there’s an animal that captured the curiosity and imagination of everyone, that would be the birds that soared high above us. In some cultures, birds are a symbol of freedom and liberty. To some, they’re the natural wonders that inspired humans to conquer the skies.

Birds can be found in every country in the world. From songbirds, fearless eagles, and vibrantly colored parrots, learn more about these sky travelers inside the pages of these exciting word search sheets and puzzles. Some of these fun printables also double up as coloring pages too!

Reptile Word Find Puzzle

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Dinosaur Word Search Puzzle

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Animals have been a subject of many myths and legends for hundreds of years. But nothing is more popular than the fire breathing dragons of the western and the eastern mythologies. Dragons were believed to be inspired by the dinosaur bones that people have dug centuries ago. These massive bones once belonged to the giant reptiles that roam the planet millions of years ago.

Today, reptiles may not be as colossal as their ancestors. But some are still as massive and ferocious, that some of them carry the word dragon on their names. From the t-rex to turtles, have fun learning more about these mysterious creatures with these awe-inspiring reptile and dinosaur word puzzle printables.

Endangered Animals Word Search Sheet

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Endangered Animals Word Find Sheet

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Today, animals are in constant danger of extinction than they were in the past. According to an article by the Independent, climate change and global warming due to massive deforestation and pollution largely contribute to their slow decline and eventual extinction. Now, many species have joined the long list of extinct animals.

If we don’t take steps to protect them, future generations will no longer enjoy the sight of having these gentle and magnificent creatures around. Animals also play a crucial role in maintaining the Earth’s ecological balance. These animal word search puzzles are not only a fun way to learn about animals, but they also raise awareness to protect our cute and cuddly friends from total extinction.

Zoo Animals Word Search Puzzles

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Zoos are the nearest places where actual and live animals can be seen. These places closely mimic each animal’s natural habitat in the wild. While zoos keep animals in cages, pens, and aquariums, these facilities aim to raise awareness about the creatures that share this planet with us.

Zoos are also places where we could learn about animals, their habitats, and the roles that they play in this planet’s ecology. In addition, we can also learn about the animals that can be found in zoos beforehand with these clever word search puzzles.

Animal Word Search Puzzle

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Wild Animal Vocabulary & Word Search Puzzle

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Animals play a crucial role in our environment and in human civilization. One, they ensure that old plants and trees are replaced by new ones through pollination and dispersing the seeds for the fruits they ate.

Animals also protect crops from being destroyed by keeping pest populations under control by hunting and eating them. You can teach kids all of these important roles along with their first ABC’s and vocabulary using these fun and clever animal word search puzzles and sheets.