2022 New Year’s Resolution Printable Lists and Samples

New year, new me.” How many times have you told yourself you’re going to change for the better and actually did? How many times have you created a New Year’s Resolutions list just to forget about it in February?

We may have sworn to reach our goals and miserably failed a hundred times year on year.

Or we may have encountered unforeseen challenges that hinder us from improving our lives and accomplishing our personal goals. Regardless, another year gives us another chance at life. So let’s give it another try in 2021, shall we?

Free and Printable New Year’s Resolution Lists and Samples

In this section, we have compiled the best New Year’s Resolution lists and sample templates you can download for free.

2021 New Year’s Resolution Template

source: elegantlivingeveryday.com



Have you thought about the things you will change and the goals you want to reach for 2021 already? If so, put them into writing, so you don’t forget about them. In doing so, use this simple yet elegant new year’s resolution blank list.

This template allows you to list down your top three goals for the new year, the steps you will take to achieve them, and the reasons why you have to work on these goals. Download yours for free!

New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

source: willbaum.com

Resolution Reality Checklist

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Let’s be honest, new year’s resolutions are hard to stick to. That is why this printable resolution reality checklist and worksheet is just the right one for you. This template teaches you the components of an achievable new year’s resolution so you can attain the change you wanted. It comes with various sections for sure-fire goal attainment. Get yours today!

Simple New Year’s Resolution Worksheet

source: teachaholic.pro

SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

source: ndi.org


New Year’s Resolution: By the Numbers

As featured in an article from Inc., studies reveal that out of 60% who get excited about making new year’s resolutions, only 8% actually achieve such goals. Moreover, a recent survey found out that approximately 74% of Americans want to learn something new, change their lifestyle, or set a personal goal to improve themselves for 2021.

However, 25.98% of American adults haven’t set their objectives yet (or they don’t even plan to do so). What about you? Are you ready for 2021? Do you already have goals in mind?

Financial Goal Planner

source: tiaa.org

Your Goal Buttoned Up

source: getbuttonedup.com


Setbacks are inevitable when we try to reach our goals. For this reason, we have to be ready for such situations. This new year’s resolution goal worksheet allows you to plan out the steps to take for you to reach your objectives and prepare for the possible slip-ups. So whether you aim for a weight loss or a spiritual change in 2021, this template is the one you need. Grab your copy now!

SMART Goal Worksheet

source: mcckc.edu

Goal Setting Workbook

source: static1.squarespace.com


This goal setting worksheet comes with eight worksheets to help you achieve your dreams for the year to come. It allows you to specify your goals and create an action plan for their accomplishment. Plus, you can get this template for free. Click download now!

2021 Weekly Calendar

source: calendar.wincalendar.net


How to Make a New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

The New Year gives us a sense of new beginnings and a fresh start. For this reason, most of us set personal targets every time the New Year approaches. However, it is not nearly always that everything will go as planned. So if you find it challenging to achieve your New Year’s resolution, may the step-by-step guide we have outlined below help you.

1. Make them Specific

Vague resolutions will leave you clueless when you are in the process of achieving them. For example, you’re just saying that you want to be healthy. And then what? How would you know if you are already “healthy?”

Therefore, be specific with your objectives. Do you want to gain weight? Do you want to lose weight? If so, what’s your ideal weight target by the end of the year? And what type of food are you planning to write on your weekly meal planner?

Moreover, you must also set one goal at a time. Presuming you want to learn a new language, saying that you want to be conversationally fluent in a foreign language then and there will be hard to attain. Thus, you have to start with learning the basics, such as the numbers and greetings. Then, you can proceed to learn five to ten words every day, and so on.

2. Get Ready for Setbacks

Even carefully laid-out plans aren’t fool-proof. So you have to get ready for failures. However, don’t let these setbacks stop you. Instead, keep trying until you succeed. And if you think that your plans will not work, you have to make changes in your action steps. Remember, changing your plans doesn’t mean that you are changing your goals. You are just clearing the path to ensure success.

3. Set a Date

The world won’t get to know the “new you” on New Year’s Day. That would be impossible somehow. So, you have to set a date on when you should start working on your resolutions and when do you plan to achieve such. Deadlines will help you have a clearer vision of how far or near you are to accomplishing your goals.

Thus, motivating you to strive harder. Make sure to specify a deadline for every action plan you have indicated in your personal or work-related New Year’s Resolutions planner.

4. Reward Yourself

Let’s say you want to quit smoking. Aside from having a healthy lifestyle, what else can you get out of it? Rewarding yourself is one way that pushes you forward to accomplish your resolutions. It is something that you look forward to as you try hard to change for the better. That said, plan out the rewards you have for yourself, even for small achievements. It may be a trip to the mountains or the beach, a cup of overpriced coffee, or getting yourself something that makes you happy.

Get your pen and paper now. Then start mapping out your goals and resolutions so you can finally say, “New year, new me.” Good luck!

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