18 Learner-Friendly Alphabet Charts

An alphabet chart is a handy teaching tool. It introduces little ones to the alphabets with the help of the letters imprinted in bold fonts and pictures of animals, fruits and objects beginning with the letter. You can hang them on the walls of the class or your home for ready reference.

Free Printable Alphabet Charts

The bright pictures and colorful fonts of the letters would make the little ones interested in the English alphabets. There are charts in the collection below that introduce them to cursive writing as well.

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Cursive Alphabet Chart

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Lowercase Alphabet Chart

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Free Printable Alphabet Chart

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Alphabet Chart for Toddlers

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Alphabet Chart Upper and Lowercase

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Printable Alphabet Chart Pictures

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Alphabet Chart Images

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Free Alphabet Charts to Print

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Letter Chart

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ABC Letter Chart

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Printable ABC Chart for Kids

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Printable ABC Chart for Preschool

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Source: Pinterest.com

Source: Pinterest.com

The colorful charts would visually stimulate kids to learn abc. Both the small and big letters find a place in the charts. You would find yourself reliving your childhood days as you hold out the charts to your little ones.

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