11 Useful CD Label Templates

Don’t you think that marking your newly burned CD or DVD with a marker pen looks tacky? It is also quite inconvenient as the ink may come off after a while. Enter CD and DVD labels that make the task much easier and stay on for long.

Free Printable CD Label Templates

The templates come replete with spaces to put in the name of your favorite movie or whatever the contents of your CD are. You can also put in your name and the date it was burnt if that information is important to you.

CD Label Template

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Free CD Label Template

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Free Printable CD Label Template

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CD and DVD Labels Templates

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Free-Printable CD Labels Templates

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Mini CD Label Template

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CD Label Print Template

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DVD Label Template

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Microsoft Word DVD Label Template

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DVD Disc Label Template

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Printable CD Label Template

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The labels keep everything neat and in order. Now forget searching your CD stack from top to bottom for the one you need. These labels keep everything organized and easily identifiable.

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