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Letter sounds worksheets familiarize young minds to the beginning sounds of common words that they use on a regular basis. Even if they don’t know the spelling of certain words entirely, knowing the beginning sounds helps them give them an idea of how common words are pronounced and written.

Free Printable Alphabet Beginning Letter Sounds Worksheets

The below letter sounds worksheets are a blend of matching, coloring, circling the letter, identifying and cut and paste exercises. They are suitable for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, preschool and grade 1 children.

Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Source: Myteachingstation.com

Beginning Sounds Worksheets for Kindergarten

Source: Marcomms.co

Beginning Letter Sounds Worksheets

Source: Learningthealphabet.com

Free Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Source: Armiane.info

Beginning Sound Sort Worksheet

Source: Pinterest.com

Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheets Free

Source: Ravenheart.info

Preschool Printable Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Source: Tomtelife.com

Beginning Sounds Worksheets for First 1st Grade Pre K

Source: Balaicza.info

Free Beginning Letter Sounds Cut and Paste Worksheets

Source: Denthia.co

Letter M Beginning Sound Worksheet

Source: Trungcollection.com

Letter T Beginning Sound Worksheets

Source: Myteachingstation.com

Letter U Beginning Sound Worksheets

Source: Sparklebox.co.uk

Write the Beginning Sound Worksheets

Source: Antihrap.com

Beginning Vowel Sounds Worksheets for Kindergarten

Source: Cbperu.info

Letter O Beginning Sound Worksheet

Source: Pinterest.com

Beginning 2 Letter Blending Sounds Worksheets

Source: Pinterest.com

Beginning Consonant Letter Sounds Worksheets Free for Kindergarten

Source: Pinterest.com

Beginning Sounds Coloring Worksheets

Source: Teacherspayteachers.com

Identifying Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Source: Teacherspayteachers.com

Beginning Sound Assessment Review Worksheet

Source: Bpqd.info

Beginning Sound Letter A Worksheets

Source: Onebeautifulhomeblog.com

Free Printable Beginning Sounds Worksheets for Kindergarten

Source: Thuk.me

Letter I Beginning Sound Worksheets

Source: Myteachingstation.com

Letter N Beginning Sound Worksheets

Source: Pinterest.com

Same Beginning Sound Worksheet

Source: Pinterest.com

Letter Sounds Worksheets

Source: Pinterest.com

Beginning Sounds Worksheets Based On Holidays

The letter sounds worksheets belonging to this section are themed on holidays and different celebratory occasions. They contain pictures of animals and objects that we associate with the various seasons. Kiddos would look forward to completing them.

Christmas Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Source: Turtlediary.com

Fall Halloween Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Source: Pinterest.com

Thanksgiving Matching Beginning Sounds with Pictures Worksheets

Source: Allkidsnetwork.com

Easter Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Source: Allkidsnetwork.com

Students can gain a sound knowledge about the beginning sounds of a majority of commonly used words by completing the printables. The sheets add a fun quotient to the learning experience. First, allow them to try for themselves and then help if they seek some assistance. It would be a fulfilling learning activity.

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