12 Captivating Letter O Worksheets

Written by Marjory TaylorMarjory Taylor| May 06, 2019 in Worksheet

One of the simplest alphabets in terms of writing, the letter ‘O’ is an important alphabet since it’s a vowel. Check printables in the following list as all of them are ‘O’ related worksheets.

7 Free and Printable Letter O Worksheets

These worksheets showcase the technique of writing the letter ‘O’ through some tracing instruction. To help the kids learn better there are practicing lines as well.

Letter O Worksheet

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Letter O Printable Worksheets

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Letter O Tracing Worksheets Preschool

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Letter O Worksheets for Worksheets

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Letter O Tracing Worksheets Kindergarten

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Letter O Handwriting For Pre K Worksheet

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Letter O Worksheets for Toddlers

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2 Letter O Sound Worksheet

The next obvious step of learning the letter is to know how many and what words are formed by it. Once kids get it by their heart, these worksheets can be used as a test paper for them.

Letter O Beginning Sound Worksheet

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Letter O Phonics Worksheets

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2 Letter O Coloring Worksheets

The simple and fun activity of coloring the letter ‘O’ can keep any kid engaged for a few hours at least, which is rare on their part as most parents try to make their kids sit quietly while they do house chores. These printables can serve the purpose along with educating children.

Letter O Coloring Worksheet

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Free Letter O worksheets

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1 Letter O Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut and paste is another useful way to get toddlers more involved in learning and enlightening themselves. But you have to be careful as cutting always involves risk, so don’t let your kid do this work all by him/herself, rather supervise.

Letter O Cut and Paste Worksheet

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You could be a teacher, or a hands-on parent, these worksheets are your friends as far as teaching alphabets to little munchkins are concerned. Not only will they enjoy solving the worksheets but will also compel you to print more.