10 Cute DIY Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens are thought to be the hangouts of fairies and bring good luck. You can place them indoors or outdoors. They allow you to display your gardening skills in a limited space. You can be creative and decorate them with things that you want. Just give wings to your imagination and create a miniature magical world for fairies to rest in.

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

A simple and cheap birdhouse and natural materials go into the making of this amazing fairy garden. You can decorate it with things that make you happy as fairies want you to be so.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Idea

Though this fairy garden looks quite expensive, it can be made affordably. The main container can be made with a tree trunk, an old and broken flower pot, or a wooden box.

Fairy Garden Ideas

Backyard Fairy Garden Idea

The supplies for this project are a teacup and saucer, small rocks, mixed soil, dry twigs, cutting pliers, moss, ferns, super glue, and small decorations.

Backyard Fairy Garden Ideas

DIY Fairy Garden Instructions

This project starts off by painting a birdhouse brown or any other earthy color and then gluing small twigs together to make a door on it.

DIY Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden House

A fairy garden is a great way of soaking in the beauty of potted plants. It is a small, whimsical, fairytale world with tiny figures and a whole lot of greens.

Fairy Garden Houses

Fairy Garden Tutorial

How to Make a Fairy Garden

Pretty Outdoor Fairy Garden

Outdoor Fairy Garden

Beautiful Fairy Garden Décor

Fairy Garden Decor

Cute Fairy Garden House

Fairy Garden House

Tiered Miniature Fairy Garden

Miniature Fairy Garden

Don’t you think the fairy gardens look super cute? There’s so much beauty in these teeny tiny, lush worlds of fairies. You can include a lot of natural elements in the DIYs, provided you keep the arrangement neat and tidy.

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