10 Rustic Driftwood Chandeliers

Written by kittybabylovekittybabylove| October 26, 2022 in Worksheet

If you want to add a rustic vibe to your interior lighting, you could think of a driftwood chandelier. It is a nice recycling project that you can make yourself with just a few supplies. Apart from the basic beam style, these chandeliers can be made in oval, orb, and round shapes. They look stunningly beautiful and can be painted in colors like white to match the wall color.

Driftwood Chandelier Tutorial

A driftwood chandelier could be a welcome addition to your home’s front porch. After making it, you will love the feeling of creating something beautiful out of simple stuff.

Driftwood Chandelier

DIY Driftwood Chandelier

It is hard to believe that little things like driftwood and a few pendant lights could be made into such a glamorous chandelier!

Driftwood Chandelier DIY

Unique Driftwood Chandelier

This beautiful project is made with reclaimed wood, curtain rings, and upcycled wire. It involves the makeover of an old chandelier.

Driftwood Chandeliers

Large Driftwood Chandelier

This big driftwood chandelier could be a rustic lighting idea for the dining or living room. Your family and guests would be all praise for your DIY skills once you put it up.

Large Driftwood Chandelier

An Orb Chandelier Made Out Of Driftwood

Follow this tutorial to make a driftwood globe using a balloon and glue gun. Follow it up by placing a ceiling pendant light fixture to complete the chandelier.

Orb Chandelier Driftwood

Driftwood Chandelier Lighting

Driftwood Lighting Chandelier

Homemade White Hanging Driftwood Chandelier

White Hanging Driftwood Chandelier

Instructions to Make a Driftwood Chandelier

How to Make a Driftwood Chandelier

Rustic Chic Driftwood Chandelier

Rustic Driftwood Chandelier

Beautiful Round Driftwood Chandelier

Round Driftwood Chandelier

We are sure that after going through this post, you have fallen for the classy looks of the driftwood chandeliers. Mechanical light fixtures can never match their natural looks. Before using driftwood for your project, ensure that you clean it thoroughly to avoid any pest infestation in your home.