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If you are looking for unique Easter decorating ideas, you could take inspiration from the German tradition of Ostereierbaum or Easter egg tree. It is a shrub or tree decked up with hanging Easter eggs. You can set it up indoors or outdoors, adding extra beauty to your home or yard. The outdoor trees are bigger and made with real trees, while the ones meant for indoors are mini versions using branches of trees.

Easter Egg Tree Instructions

All you need for this activity are ribbon, branches (like pussy willow), and blown and decorated eggs. It can be a piece of statement holiday home décor.

Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Tree Tutorial

This gorgeous Easter egg tree offers a great way to use up your baskets of decorated Easter eggs. You can collect the branch with multiple stems used in this DIY when you go for your walks.

Easter Egg Trees

Easter Egg Tree Decoration

Give a twist to your Easter decorations by making this cheerful egg display for your home akin to the German tradition.

Easter Egg Tree Decorations

DIY Colorful Easter Egg Tree

The Easter eggs tied to this tree have their yolks blown out, rinsed, dried, and accented with washi tape before being hung.

DIY Easter Egg Tree

Easter Egg Topiary Tree Guide

The supplies for this DIY are faux Easter eggs of various sizes, cool-temp glue gun, green Spanish moss, and a decorative flower pot.

Easter Egg Topiary Tree

Bright Easter Egg Tree DIY

Easter Egg Tree DIY

Glittery Easter Egg Tree Ornaments

Easter Egg Tree Ornaments

Hanging Easter Eggs on a Tree DIY for Kids

Hanging Easter Eggs Tree

Easy Outdoor Easter Egg Tree

Outdoor Easter Egg Tree

Festive Easter Egg Tree Decoration

Easter Egg Tree Decoration

Painted Easter Egg Tree Décor

Easter Egg Tree Decor

Making an Easter Egg Tree

We really liked the idea of gluing bows on the ribbons used to hang the egg ornaments from the tree.

How to Make an Easter Egg Tree

If you love decorating Easter eggs, you would love to put them on these DIY trees to display them in all their glory. A brilliant idea would be to set these DIY trees up as centerpieces. Your guests will never run out of compliments for your craft skills.

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