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Before innovators introduced technology to us, we have been dependent on face-to-face interaction to communicate with people. Although there were other ways to convey messages like sending letters or talking through the telephone, both the sender and receiver couldn’t really see the truth in the person’s feelings since they couldn’t see the other’s facial expression.

Now that technology is continuously evolving, one can convey the way they feel even through text. Thanks to emojis! But there’s something more you can do with these characters than including them in your messages. You can exercise your brain by playing mind-boggling emoji puzzles. This game has long been a favorite for kids and adults. Want to try solving some emoji puzzles? Read on! We have compiled the best ones for you!

Free and Printable Emoji Puzzles

The emoji puzzles are extremely addictive, and we can guarantee you can’t leave them midway. Even kids would love to spend time with these puzzles. Check them out without wasting any time.

Emoji Puzzles

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Printable Emoji Puzzles

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Emoji Rebus Puzzles

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Are you a fan of movies? If so, can you name some of them just by looking at some emojis? Download this file and try guessing the titles of 30 movies as represented by emojis. You can also play this game with your friends!

Emoji Puzzles Movies

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Emoji Puzzles Worksheet

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Emoji Puzzles to Print

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The first one is Turkey, the second one is China. How many other countries can you name just by looking at the emojis? Let’s test your wit with this home quarantine quiz about countries in different parts of the world. Get yours for free!

Emoji Puzzles Kids

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Emoji Puzzles for Kids

Source: dltk-kids.com

Emoji Puzzles Easy

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Are you a sweet tooth? Check how much you know about chocolate candies by solving this chocolate emoji puzzle. If you can name them all, then you are a certified chocolate enthusiast with so much love for delicious desserts! Grab this image file for free!

Emoji Puzzles Disney Movie

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Emoji Puzzle Challenge

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Emoji Puzzle Game

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Emoji Maths Puzzles

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Emoji Logic Puzzles

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Aside from representing words or syllables, people have also used emojis to represent numbers. Let’s see how good you are in Math! Take a look at the emojis and guess what numbers they represent. After doing so, find out the correct answer to the last Mathematical problem. Good luck!

Emoji Crossword Puzzle

Source: dltk-kids.com

By just looking at this emoji crossword puzzle, do you already know what you should write down and across? Try solving it so you’ll discover how skilled you are when it comes to problem-solving. Save your copy today!

Easy Emoji Puzzles

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These puzzles involve everything from guessing the name of certain objects to crosswords. When you download some or all of these, we guarantee you that you won’t be bored for a second at all!

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